Self-love exercise

I showed you my "glow-up" on Instagram but that post meant so much more than that! 
When I look at me as a young girl I see this powerful light, but with the passing of time that light started to disappear. 
I started losing myself, because of people, situations, and myself. I felt that I didn't matter, that I wasn't enough, and it took a long time for me to be happy again. 
Today I dressed up with this GORGEOUS, high-waisted bikini from Girl Merry, something that would make me feel uncomfortable a few years ago, and I ROCKED IT!
I wanted to immortalise this moment in time! The moment I finally am able to say "I did it! I'm finally happy!"
I invite you all to do this self-love exercise with me!
You can take this photos and it can mean diferent things, to different people, it could mean "I fought for myself, I never gave up, I'm finally happy", or it can mean "I'm not happy, yet, but I know, and I have faith that it will all be OK with time! I'm in the right path!".
Take this photos, immortalise this moment in time. Let's celebrate ourselves!
This high waist bikini is super comfortable, high quality and I love it!
I really love black bikinis, and I think this one is my favourite of the ones I own! 
It makes me feel good about myself even with a few extra fat, I love myself, I love who I am, and that's all that matter!
This bikini is currently available in Green and it ONLY COSTS 5.39$, that's crazy cheap!
I have some other clothes from Girl Merry that I'm really in love with, I love my floral sports set, and I'm always wearing it and I also adore my cute white and pink sports setI told you how I lost weight without going to the gym (because of my accident), and I was wearing my Girl Merry's red bikini in that post so go check it out!
If your looking for wholesale dressescheap sexy dresses, swimwear, jackets, pants, well... everything you can think of, go check out GirlMerry! 
(Bikini from Girl Merry)


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