Weight Loss 1 year and my GirlMerry Gym Set

First of all, look at this amazing two piece sports set from GirlMerry! Many people say it is difficult to pull off a white sports set, but I love how this one fits me!
I received this set from GirlMerry and I'm beyond amazed! I'm 1,66m tall and weight 58kg, I asked for size S and it fits perfectly!
It only costs 10.58$ and, althought is super cheap, it has awesome quality! 10$ for two pieces is awesome right?
This set is amazing and I love wearing it to run, the coat has a zipper and is awesome to cut wind.

And how cute is it? I've been loving pink lately! And I'm a sucker for everything white and pink!
2020 vs 2019
I started my year super focused on going to the gym! I was wearing my awesome (and favorite) set from Girl Merry *this one*, almost every week. I was making some progress on my weight loss journey, but then I had an accident this Summer that made it impossible to walk, run, and do any kind of physical activity.

Since I couldn't go to the gym or make any kind of physical activity I started focusing more on the away that I was eating!

I didn't give up, I'm super proud of myself!
I made a post, wearing my new Girlmerry bikini, with some pictures, talking more about what I did to lost 8kg, you can click on the link if you want to learn a bit more about my journey. 
I'm not 100%, yet, I still have pain everyday, but with time I will get better! Can't wait to wear my GirlMerry bikinis as soon as I get a little time for myself ❤
Look at how different I looked!

The first photo is from 6th January 2019 (exactly one year ago), and the second one I took yesterday (5th January 2020).

What one year, and a lot of determination, can do to a person!

I feel so much healthier now!
I'm still not exactly were I want to be, but this is a damn good start!

Do you also want to lose some weight? What is the ideal weight for your body?

As I told you I have a few GirlMerry products, click on the images to go to the blog posts  
Thanks again to Girl Merry for this lovely two piece sports set! I freaking love it!
If your looking for wholesale dressescheap sexy dresses, swimwear, jackets, pants, well... everything you can think of, go check out GirlMerry! 
More posts with GirlMerry soon!

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  1. WOW Maria! Que diferença! É assim, aos pouquinhos... Realmente nunca vi um conjunto branco que ficasse bem numa pessoa, em ti, ficou. Boa!! :D
    Miss alebana