I lost weight without going to the gym
And a GirlMerry bikini

First of all, let me start by talking about this wonderful two piece bikini from GirlMerry! I absolutely love the color, the pattern and the fabric, it is such a strong fabric, amazing!
I received this bikini from GirlMerry and I'm pretty happy with it! I couldn't wear it in the Summer, because of my accident, but I find it fitting to show you this bikini in this blog post. And this is why:

  • I had an accident this Summer that made it impossible to walk, run, and do any kind of physical activity
  • I couldn't wear tight clothes 
  • I had to stop going to the gym for a long period of time 
  • This happened in August and I only went to the gym once, just to see if I was able to workout, I wasn't... 
  • I had to change so many things in my daily routine to account for all the pain I had in my face, arm and leg.
  • I have to apologize to GirlMerry for only posting now, but sometimes bad things happen

A lot of things had to change, and one of them was the way that I was eating.
I was constantly going to the gym, three to four times a week, but when I had the accident, and had to stop going to the gym, I lost 5kg! I couldn't lose this kind of weight for over three years!!!
And what changed? The away that I eat:
  • I cut on all the snacks
  • I cut on the bread (I only eat one a day, and two, only on some special occasions)
  • I started eating less rice and less pasta
  • I started eating less fast food
  • I started drinking less sodas
I went from 30% fat to 24% just by eating right! Awesome right?
Really happy with this results, can't wait to start going to the gym to continue this work!

My skin also changed a lot because of this changes, it is so much healthier now!
I didn't starve myself and I feel really great!

Can't wait to be more active again, and maybe do another 30 day challenge?
Thanks again to Girl Merry for this lovely two piece bikini! It has awesome quality!
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More posts with GirlMerry soon!


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