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Isto vai ser super estranho, e muita gente me vai cair em cima, e tenho de admitir, há uns anos ia ter uma reação igual, mas.. Eu prefiro o meu Kindle a livros físicos!!⠀

Ok, antes de me esfolarem, leiam e entendam o meu ponto de vista 🤭

Lately I've been gravitating more to celestial jewellery! Don't ask me why, but I really love everything that has stars and the moon, on it!
When I think of high quality jewellery, I always think of oNecklace! And of course, this celestial necklace was made by them!

This beautiful necklace is called Moon & Star Two Color Necklace and it's made of Stainless Steel, in Rose Gold. 

That's no way it could be any more beautiful! Don't you agree?

And I really love the little box it comes with, perfect for gifting! 

I'm thinking of wearing it this Christmas Eve, what do you think? 🎅❤

Do you have your outfit and accessories already planned out? What kind of jewellery are you wearing?

By the way, you can find this necklace with 36%OFF today, only $45.95 $71.95

💬 Hoje quero falar com vocês sobre os meus Favoritos de 2020! Neste vídeo podem ver favoritos de tecnologia, 90% do vídeo todo ahah, um produto que me ajudou a combater o acne e um casaco que eu adoro imenso, e que só custou cerca de 20€ 

It's not a secret that I love the brand oNecklace. I've been using their products for a while now, and I am amazed every time I open my order!
This time I chose this wonderful Sun & Stars Layered Necklace, that it's the most beautiful I have ever seen! Don't you agree?
I think it is a strange thing to say, but I think this necklace gave me the creativity I was lacking last month.

I felt uninspired and not really able to create content. But when I opened the box, when I saw this necklace, I immediately thought of ideas for new content... just like that!

I did a Euphoria inspired Makeup and Video, and when I was shooting that video I felt inspired to create another one (that I think you are going to LOVE - next Wednesday, don't forget).

Why is this necklace special?
I think it's because a necklace is something relatively simple, but they made it as so as it was part of something more, something bigger, a piece of the universe. I don't know... maybe I'm crazy... (or maybe i just like jewellery with stars) but I really love this necklace ahah
You can find it, right now, with a 40% discount! It only costs $23.95 (20.23€)

First of all, look at this amazing two piece sports set from GirlMerry! Many people say it is difficult to pull off a white sports set, but I love how this one fits me!
I received this set from GirlMerry and I'm beyond amazed! I'm 1,66m tall and weight 58kg, I asked for size S and it fits perfectly!
It only costs 10.58$ and, althought is super cheap, it has awesome quality! 10$ for two pieces is awesome right?
This set is amazing and I love wearing it to run, the coat has a zipper and is awesome to cut wind.

And how cute is it? I've been loving pink lately! And I'm a sucker for everything white and pink!
2020 vs 2019
I started my year super focused on going to the gym! I was wearing my awesome (and favorite) set from Girl Merry *this one*, almost every week. I was making some progress on my weight loss journey, but then I had an accident this Summer that made it impossible to walk, run, and do any kind of physical activity.

Since I couldn't go to the gym or make any kind of physical activity I started focusing more on the away that I was eating!

I didn't give up, I'm super proud of myself!
I made a post, wearing my new Girlmerry bikini, with some pictures, talking more about what I did to lost 8kg, you can click on the link if you want to learn a bit more about my journey. 
I'm not 100%, yet, I still have pain everyday, but with time I will get better! Can't wait to wear my GirlMerry bikinis as soon as I get a little time for myself ❤
Look at how different I looked!

The first photo is from 6th January 2019 (exactly one year ago), and the second one I took yesterday (5th January 2020).

What one year, and a lot of determination, can do to a person!

I feel so much healthier now!
I'm still not exactly were I want to be, but this is a damn good start!

Do you also want to lose some weight? What is the ideal weight for your body?

As I told you I have a few GirlMerry products, click on the images to go to the blog posts  
Thanks again to Girl Merry for this lovely two piece sports set! I freaking love it!
If your looking for wholesale dressescheap sexy dresses, swimwear, jackets, pants, well... everything you can think of, go check out GirlMerry! 
More posts with GirlMerry soon!
Blogmas Lovable Maria #19
Hoje vou-vos mostrar a minha "última" encomenda da Amazon, onde fiz algumas compras de natal de prendas de mim para mim. Eu também mereço! eheh
Blogmas Lovable Maria #8
No vlogmas de hoje vou fazer um unboxing e review de uma caixa de Natal que comprei na loja wowbox!
Acham que valeu a pena o dinheiro que paguei?
Blogmas Lovable Maria #7
No vlogmas de hoje vou-vos ensinar a criar um tapete, simples, fácil, e super bonito, para oferecerem no Natal ou para utilizarem em vossa casa!
Blogmas Lovable Maria #6
No vlogmas de hoje trago-vos uma técnica infalível para arranjarem uma prenda para alguém que não fazem a mínima ideia do que dar ❤
Blogmas Lovable Maria #5
Hoje trago-vos 15 Truques que vocês podem fazer para entrar no espírito de Natal! Tenho visto muita gente desmotivada para o Natal, por isso espero que esta listinha vos ajude um bocadinho ❤
Blogmas Lovable Maria #3
Olá de novo! ❤ 
Este vídeo foi um dos meus preferidos de criar! E porquê? Porque criei para vocês 3 caixas temáticas para vocês fazerem e oferecerem a alguém, este Natal!
Eu adoro escolher prendas! Dá para notar?

Today I'm going to show you 3 ideas for awesome Christmas' gifts!
I love all this products, and brands, and I think you will too! ❤

The first product I want to talk about is my newest necklace from oNecklace!
I love all the products I have from this brand, they are all well made, of excellent quality, and super beautiful!
I think offering one of this necklaces, or any product from oNecklace, would be a perfect Christmas' gift for a loved one!
This seashell necklace, with an initial, is currently on sale, on all materials!
I chose mine in Rose Gold but it is also available in Sterling Silver and 24k Gold!
I highly recommend this brand! Fast shipping and awesome products, with amazing quality!

This next one is from Lalalab! I'm a customer for years, and I really loved the quality of all my prints!
They recently released this polaroid shaped magnets! I chose some photos from my trip to Barcelona and I really loved them!
You can have a 8€ discount if you are a new client, or a 25% discount if you are already a customer, by using my code: LOVABLEMARIA
You can have this magnets for 19,99€ (less if you use my code), and if you want to give it as a gift to some friends, you can give it to 10 friends for 1,99€ each! Great!

Purple Pinneaple

I recently made another purchase in Purple Pineapple! This Portuguese shop has the most amazing notebooks, planners and illustrations! 
I bought my new 2020 Planner and I think it would be a great gift to give this Christmas.
They have products for every taste, for cat lovers, harry potter fans, minimalist people, and so much more! It is worth your visit!
What do you think of my choices? Did you already bought your Christmas' Gifts? ❤
Adoro a Shein! Adoro-a ao ponto de andar a gastar montes de dinheiro nela, quase todos os meses. loli para  a minha carteira

No final do mês de Junho fiz uma encomenda no site, e passados poucos dias, acho que nem fez 15 dias, já tinha tudo na mão!!!

Partilhei tudo com vocês nos instagram stories, mas os stories só duram 24h, por isso vou deixar aqui os links para quem quiser dar uma espreitadela às peças de roupa, you're welcome ❤

I found this house that matched perfectly with my new, favorite, sports Set! Aren't the colors adorable?
This set is my favorite, and I'm going to explain why I love it:
  1. The pattern is awesome!
  2. The colors are so, so, pretty!
  3. It's only 10$ for the sports bra and leggings!
  4. The leggings are high-waisted and don't fall off when I run/walk/jump!
  5. The set accentuate my body, and doesn't make me fat!
  6. My chest is small but this sports bra gives me a bit of a cleavage which is cool!!
I received this set from GirlMerry and I'm pretty happy with it, as you can tell. 
I also added a jacket, also from GirlMerry, to my outfit and the result was super cute, don't you think?
If your looking for wholesale dressescheap sexy dresses, swimwear, jackets, pants, well... everything you can think of, go checkout GirlMerry!

Esta loja sempre foi, para mim, uma relação de "amor-ódio"... eu explico.

No início do blog (e quando digo início, estou a falar de quando quis monetizar o blog, por volta de 2013), fiz parceria com a SheIn, e era tudo perfeito! As roupas ainda duram até hoje e nem estou a exagerar, tudo o que pedi de lá está como novo! O único casaco de cabedal (faux-leather) que tenho é deles e vocês já me devem ter visto a usá-lo durante anos.

Tudo corria bem, todos os meses, mas um dia, decidiram mudar o site completamente, e descuidaram-se imenso da parte das parcerias, sem aviso prévio. Tentei contactá-los, porque ainda tinha algum dinheiro para gastar, e não recebi nenhuma mensagem de volta.

Amuei (um amuo forte ahah) e durante anos deixei de comprar lá, mesmo sabendo que os produtos são incríveis e os preços também!
V Neck Lace Up T-shirt // V Neck T-shirt // Open Should Bowknot
Lately I've been changing up my wardrobe (A LOT)!
Don't know why but in the last couple of months I had the need to be more fashionable!
But, being fashionable doesn't always mean spending lots of money and being broke. So I've been searching for the best deals, in and outside of the internet. (And oh-boy did I made some findings!!!)
I found out BerryLook a couple of days ago, and loved the clothes and the discounts. This store is an online store, originated from Hong Kong. The products I searched more, and that I really am in need of, are some basics, like cute tops, perfect for any kind of occasion, really, like going out at night, going for a walk or even staying cozy at home, and the second thing was some t-shirts for women, some simple white or a solid color t-shirts to wear on casual outfit or even go to the gym, but you can find anything over there: dresses, shoes, swimwear, accessories, and even clothes for men (normally this kind of stores don't have clothes for men, which I found really odd, so I was happily surprised when I found out BerryLook had this category of clothing).
Today I'm going to show you some clothes I chose from BerryLook. The black one, in the first picture, with the knot in the front is absolutely gorgeous right??? And is only 9,55€! Got to have it! (In all colors ahah)
Which one is your favorite? What is your go-to online store?
Knit Pullover // V Neck Blouse // Plain T-shirt

A Happy Socks surpreendeu-me, mais do que o normal, há uns dias atrás. Cheguei a casa e deparei-me com uma prenda da Happy Socks, sem qualquer tipo de aviso prévio, foi uma prenda de Natal adorável e fiquei tão feliz!
Este ano decidi mimar-me um pouco e comprar um calendário de advento à medida. Este calendário é da Amazon e vem com um presentinho por dia até ao dia 25 de Dezembro.

Comprei este calendário com desconto, na black friday. Paguei 35,47€ por ele, mas ele rondava os 60€. A parte boa é que a Amazon promete que o total de todos os produtos deste calendário ultrapassa os 185€. eheh Curiosos/as?