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I love to give presents to the ones I love. Choosing the present for your special someone can take time and hard work but I'm here to help.

You can see some gift suggestions for HER and for HIM in my latest blog posts but if you planned not to buy anything, and rather make a gift with all your heart, here are some cute gifts you can make yourself and that are equally perfect as the ones bought in shops.

Saying "I love you" to your boyfriend/girlfriend is never enough and this gifts show exactly that, how much you love them and how much you want to spend time with them.
Why not write down all the things you love about your favorite person in the whole world?

Tell him how much you love his smile and how his laugh brings you so much happiness!
Tell him how you just love the way he talks, and how he makes you smile without even trying.
How much you love to be with him and how you consider him to be the most amazing human being in the whole world.

You can write it all down in little pieces of paper and add them in a cute jar, or you can write some letters with little instructions, like: "Open when you are feeling low", "Open if you miss me", "Open if I'm being a little bitch" or "Open if you want to know how much I love YOU".
If you know your love you will know exactly what to write in each letter, just be creative.
And why not create a book with cinema tickets, photos and some lovely text?
Show off your culinary skills
I love to cook and you? If so, and if your boy/girl loves food, why not cook something delicious?

The obvious option is something with chocolate, there's no way you could go wrong with this choice. But you can also try to make a special dinner or even plan a cute lunch.

Win your love over with food!
you are the one
Your first date was beyond amazing? Of course it was! Why not pinpoint it in a map?
Buy a map and mark the place where you first saw each other, the place of your first kiss, the place you both said "I love you" and the place you spent your first night together. Mark all the important places of your life, and make a special and thoughtful gift.

Take some photographs of yourself and make a little book. You can even use all the photos you have as a couple. It's the perfect book to have in your nightstand, and why not carrying it in your purse and show everyone how much you're in love?

And the gift I find to be one of the most important in any relationship, the one that makes you both grow as a couple. A key, yes, something as simple as that.
Giving the key to your home proves how much you trust your other half and how much you want to be in his/her life for a long, long, time.

Have the nicest Valentine's Day!


  1. Que ideias tão giras! xx

  2. Sò coisas giras! Adorei as sugestões!

  3. I enjoyed reading this so much!
    So many great and fun ideas in this post, thank you so much for sharing :)
    I like the idea of writing nice things in a jar, and the one that is 'open when...'
    I also love the idea of the mapping out important dates and having a mini photo album, so cute!

  4. I ♡ the map idea!

    ♡ ♡

  5. Adoro as ideias, todas tão lindas e criativas! Eu nem sei o que vou fazer, está quase, e eu sou tão estranha nessas coisas, não tenho jeito para cenas do amor ahah :3

    Ana, xo ♥

  6. Found your blog and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it! You have interesting posts and everything is beautiful! Amazing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  7. Gosto muito mais de prendas assim :) Adorei a ideia das cartas para abrir em determinadas alturas!

  8. Já lhe fiz a chave mas adorei as outras e agora quero mesmo fazê-las. Muito, muito obrigada pelo post! ^^
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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