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It's not mandatory to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend on February 14th or on any day for that matter, but some people seem to think so.

You don't have a boyfriend/girlfriend? There's nothing wrong with that and you can't let February 14th tell you otherwise.

Some weeks ago I was talking with a colleague, she asked and I told her I didn't had a boyfriend and she said "To bad, is always nice to have a boyfriend in the winter, he can warm you up."
Well, if I had a boyfriend I wouldn't treat him as a blanket ahah Having a boyfriend is so much more than that, but I will tell you what I think Love is in another post.

If this day really affects you in a negative way, if seeing huge teddy bears with big red hearts that have written "I LOVE YOU" takes away all your joy, why not make this day all about YOU?
All about you
A minimum social media
I love having this "all about me" days. I leave all the stress behind me to relax a bit, but for me to do that I have to reduce my social media to a minimum. Don't check your e-mail (if that is where your biggest work worries come from), say "See you later" to Facebook, and only use Instagram to post some photos of your Perfect day, if you want to.

See some episodes or films
A thing that I really love to do in this days is to see new episodes of my favorite Tv shows. Is better to see comedies in this day and forget about Tv shows with too much drama. You can check Selfie and New Girl, but you can also see Friends, we can't never get enough of it.

Do something to relax
When I want to relax I bake, some people read, other people like to knit.
Take a long bath while listening to your favorite band, paint your nails while seeing your favorite Tv show, spend an hour browsing Pinterest. Just do what you Love, you're the one that knows you the best.

And celebrate yourself, the amazing person YOU are. Do this a monthly thing, there's nothing better than to treat yourself right, you deserve it!


  1. Partilho da mesma opinião que tu ;)
    xo, Ana Rita Leite
    WHITE DAISY blog

  2. Já não vejo new girl há algum tempo mas é sem duvida uma boa escolha.

  3. Adorei o post! Apesar de ter namorado não devo passar este dia com ele, por isso vou aproveitar para ver umas séries e tudo mais :p

  4. Eu tenho namorado, mas esse dias assim também me sabem pela vida :) Só que não no dia dos namorados!

  5. a cena do afastar-se das redes sociais é tão verdade! nem sempre nos apercebemos da influência que isso tem no nosso humor.

  6. Não passo um dia assim mas umas horas sabem tão bem! :D
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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