Last week's Beauty Products

Hello, Darlings!
Here's the 5 products I used more last week.

Kiko 275 Black 3,90€
Last week I was in the mood for a black nail polish. It's a bit strong for me, and I look kinda pale with it but I really wanted it so I went for it! This nail polish from Kiko is really good!

Mua Lipstick Shade 1
Another lipstick from Mua that I absolutely adore. This one is darker than the last week's one, it smells amazing, doesn't dry my lips and the color is perfect!

Avon Super Extend Mascara 7.95€
I'm now a Avon reseller so it's been really easy for me to get this amazing products delivered to my home. This mascara is really good.
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Beauty Uk Liquid Eyeliner 2,49£
I have this eyeliner for a while now. I don't have a lot of practice with liquid eyeliner but last week I definitely gave it a try. This liquid eyeliner is really good, and it's one of my favorite so far.

Beauty Uk Blush&Brush n.2 Isla Rose 2,99£
I don't usually use blush, but I have to admit that adds color and life to a makeup. This one from Beauty Uk is pretty amazing.


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