The Things I Really reall want

Hello darlings!
This is a list of things I really want to get, like, immediately! When something gets into my head it's almost impossible to get it out.

Doctor Who "Bad Wolf" T-shirt
As you may know I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I've been writing on my left wrist "Bad Wolf" so many times this couple of years.
Well, if you see it written in me approach carefully. I don't do it on purpose but if I think about it I always write it when things are getting hard. In those cases I will probably just need a hot beverage and a hug, from the right individual.
I searched for the perfect "Bad Wolf" T-shirt but they were all so perfectly done, and I just wanted something more real, a graffiti, just like the one in the show.
A friend of mine promised to "help me" for the exchange of a cheeseburger, so let's pray that he makes is part.

Something corporate T-shirt *here*
This was my first favorite band, and it has a huge place in my heart.
The songs are amazing, Andrew is the best (and he's now a dad of a baby girl, how time flies) and I still cry like a baby reading the lyrics, they are so powerful...
Having a T-shirt from them has been a challenge, the band ended a while back and Andrew had two more bands since then.
I found two websites that sell them but I'm waiting to get together some more money before buying it.

Black boots *here*
I've been wanting simple black boots like this for a while. This ones are perfect! Hope to have them soon!

Wiko Darkmoon Case *here*
I really need a case for my Wiko. And this one is perfect! (Except for the price)

Douglas Adams' books *here*
I want ALL of them! But for now I'm only planning of buying the second one from the Dirk Gently's series.

Are you also wanting to buy or receive anything? Tell us all about it!
See you tomorrow!


  1. Adorei as botas!

  2. Ameiii as botas! <3 Andava á procura de umas parecidas, como não encontrei comprei outras :$

    The Mercury

  3. as botas sao a minha peça favorita mas nunca mandei vir nada dessa loja

  4. Love this wishlist, the bad wolf tshirt is amazing!! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  5. ahaha bad wolf, amo tanto que tatuei nas pernas :P
    adoro a capa do tlm ahaha :D


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