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I already shared this soap with you two years ago, and it's still my favorite after all this years.

A month ago I decided that I was going to let my skin rest and be makeup-free. I never used a lot of makeup, just the everyday bb cream and eyeliner, but stopping using it was pretty hard for me, not that I needed it, I only have the occasional zit once in a while (if I don't eat chocolate, sometimes I get really, really, hungry. Ups), but it was an important part of my self esteem.

My biggest ally for this adventure was my dearest soap from a Portuguese brand, Canavezes.
If you want a clear and soft skin, a soap that helps you when a zit it's starting to appear, or helps you clear out some old zit marks, this is the ONE for you!
I wash my face with this soap when I wake up and when I go to bed, and I apply it like a face mask when I feel like my face needs this treatment.

It's a perfect present for you and for your best friend. It's sold in pharmacies and it only costs 8€.


  1. Não conheço a marca... mas é tão bonita a embalagem!!

  2. No mínimo as embalagens são um mimo. Sorrisos,
    Alexandra :)

  3. A embalagem é linda!! Aposto que deve cheirar super bem!

  4. A minha avó sempre me disse que, para se ter uma cara impecável, basta usarmos um bom sabonete. Aposto que esse cheira super bem... As embalagens são um mimo!!

  5. Nunca usei mas a embalagem é tão gira! Gostava de experimentar x)

  6. Que embalagens tão queridas!


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