Hello darlings!

I always celebrate New Year's Eve at home with my family. I'm not much of the going-out-kind-of-girl, I always prefer to spend this kind of holidays at home.

Here's my look for today, a subtle smokey eye and purplish lips. What kind of makeup are you going to wear today?

Hope you have the best new year's eve and I hope all your dreams come true next year. Have fun!!

See you tomorrow!
Hello Darlings!

Here's the 5 products I used more last week!

Dove Silky 4,84€

Need to hydrate your dry skin? This body cream is a good choice! It has the most pleasant scent and it leaves the skin really smooth. A must-have!

Mua Lipstick shade 13

I've had this lipstick for a year and it's still my favorite red lipstick. It has the brightest red and it doesn't dry my lips. Love it!

Essence Fateful Desire 60 1,99€ Similar

This isn't the best nail polish. If I had to work in my paintings this wouldn't be the one I'd chosen, but for the holidays this nail polish totally works. And it has such a pretty red color!

Ap-Au Cosmetics Eyeliner Pencil 13.58$

This eyeliner pencil is so pigmented! When I first used it I was so amazed by the quality! It is worth the price, believe me!

Mua Hide & Conceal

A little helper that I love to use! Bye bye dark circles!

Hello Darlings!
Today I'm going to show you 5 things that I've been loving this month.

Glasses Similar $46
I don't need prescription glasses, but my eyes have been too sensible so I've been using this extremely beautiful glasses from Firmoo. I have a huge collection of glasses from this store and I love them all, but I have to say that this ones are my Favorites of all! This ones don't have prescription but they have UV protection, which is always great!

Tweezers 1,50€
I bought this tweezers at Primark, I saw them and fell in love with the floral pattern! I just had to have them!

Secret box 3€ or 5€
This little boxes you see in the pictures are something I bought for my clients at Shopping with Mary. 
They are adorable don't you think? In this little boxes you can find some products from Shopping with Mary, the small one costs 3€ and the bigger one 5€.
I'm also selling Secret Beauty Bags ( 10€ or 20€ ) with some amazing beauty products! And I'm also selling Avon products! So this has been a really complete month for Shopping with Mary.
Oh! And did I tell you we are selling some cute hair bows?

Bracelet Priceless
This bracelet has been with me everyday since July. So it's not a December's Favorite, but a favorite for life. It's so weird how a piece of cloth can represent so much.
Do you also have an object that means a lot to you?

Hello Darlings!

I love to get my camera and take photographs of little details that surround me. Beautiful details that we let escape on our rush-of-a-life.

It's pretty amazing how the light incises on objects and makes the most beautiful shadows.

Join me! Make sure you pay attention to this beautiful events that occur all around you, you'll be amazed.

Hello Darlings!

Having a blog that looks exactly what you want it to look like can be a real challenge sometimes.

Maybe you don't know how you want your blog or maybe you just don't know how to change it!

If you chose the second option you are in the right place!

I already shown you how to do a fixed navigation bar and how to use your favorite font on your blog, even if you blog doesn't have it in the options listed.

Today I'm going to teach you how to change the appearance of the sidebar's titles.
Hello Darlings!

Ter um blog exactamente como o queremos consegue ser bastante difícil, por vezes.

Se calhar não sabemos o que realmente queremos mudar, ou se calhar não sabemos o que fazer para o mudar!

Se estás mais inclinado para a segunda opção estás no local certo!

Já vos ensinei como colocar uma barra de navegação fixa e como usar o vosso tipo de letra preferido no vosso blog, mesmo que o blog não o tenha como escolha.

Hoje vou-vos ensinar a modificar a aparência dos títulos da vossa sidebar.

Hello darlings!
These ones are my favorite products of December, they've been accompanying me along this month, and they are amazing! Do you use any of this products? 

Garnier PureActive ExfoPro 7,99€
I haven't been using bb creams or foundation lately, so my skin has to be flawless! This is my little friend that helps me do just that. It's perfect to clean your skin and keeps your skin fresh and smooth.

Ice Pink Lipstick nº5Ct from Hean 2,80€
You can't imagine how much I love this lipstick! It is a little bit darker than my natural lip color and I really love to see it on my lips. When this runs out I'm going to buy another one, for sure!

Baby Lips from Maybelline 2,99€
This one is my favorite! The name couldn't be more suited to this range of products from Maybelline. This is the second one I bought, I also have the "Cherry Me" one, and they make my lips feel so amazing that I can't even describe how much I love this products, they surely give me baby-soft lips!

Face cream from MyLabel
This cream is kinda amazing! If you apply a large quantity on a blemish, every day, those marks start to disappear, like magic!

Nail polish from Andreia 2,50€
This nail polish has such a pretty color, a light pink that I called "pinkywinky" when I wanted to describe it to a friend ahah. Love to see it on my nails!

Hello darlings!

It really warms my heart when people that I only know online transform themselves in important parts of my life.

Maggie is one of those beautiful people! I've known her for about two years now and we instantly became friends from the first time we talked.

We are really alike and it kills me that we live so far apart from each other.

A couple of days ago she surprised me when she sent me Christmas' presents! She sent me a blog book, a cute planner that she's selling at her store, the most amazing necklace (!), the cutest panda key holder and the most perfect Christmas card.

Thanks again my dear, and expect an AWESOME package coming your way!

Maggie is also a blogger, go check her out at Black Rose's blog, and if you speak Portuguese I have the most amazing news, yesterday she uploaded her first video on Youtube! Go see her cute face and give her a thumbs up!

Hope you all have the most amazing Christmas' Eve!
And see you tomorrow, for another blog post!
Hello darlings!

Nothing better than a hot cup of cappuccino on a cold afternoon with the best company!

This was the first time I visited Leitaria da Baixa, on Oporto, and I really liked it! The decoration is really beautiful! Even the bathroom is cute!! Ahahah

This was our destination after the inauguration of Style By, a really nice way to end the afternoon!
Hello Darlings!
Yesterday, me and Helena, went to the inauguration of STYLE by, a cute little shop created by the bloggers of Style by Three's blog.

The space is extremely cute, and the owners are amazing and really nice!

All the clothes were really well chosen, I liked each piece! You can also find shoes, jewelry and the most amazing sunglasses, that me and Helena really loved! The store is really cozy and you will feel really welcome.

You can find them at Oporto: Avenida dos Aliados, nr.267, 5º floor and on Facebook.

Hope you like the pictures and hope to see you there!