26 April 2015

Personal Lately | bits & pieces

Oh my! This couple of days I have been so strange, sad, happy, busy...

Me and some colleagues created an art exhibition and it's inauguration was this Friday. You can see what I wore in the previous blog post.

Expocosmética was yesterday and I got the chance to see some familiar faces, that I love, and meet some new lovely people. Was a tiring day, but it was worth it! Gonna show you the things I got there and the look I wore to Exponor soon!
I also had the privilege to have one of my photographs on the Expocosmética magazine!!!

I received another letter from my pen pal and she sent me a lovely bracelet, she wrote to me that this bracelet will help me get rid of negative things, hope so! Thanks, dear!

I also won a contest held by La Redoute, iey me! Gonna receive some lovely clothes soon!

And I guess that's all I have to say for now! See you!

25 April 2015

Lovely Day Art Exhibition


Just wanted to show you what I wore yesterday to the art exhibition, a grey dress and a black blazer.

On my way to exponor, gonna see you there?