RecipesLazy Lunch |Rice Muffins

Today I had to eat lunch alone, and I was really hungry and wanted to do something quickly. 
I opened the fridge and saw I had some leftover rice with vegetables on the fridge. Don't know if it's weird but I really love rice and scrambled eggs, so I picked up some cupcake's molds, made a mixture of rice and 3 eggs and put it in the oven for about 15 min at 180ºC/356ºF. 
I have to say they were perfect, I loved them and I'm definitely eating this rice muffins again!
  • 3 eggs
  • Leftover Rice
Difficulty / Time:
  • Super Easy / 15 minutes

BeautySimple Makeup Halloween Ideas
For people like me, that don't know much about makeup

Hey girls!
This is a blog post with simple ideas for your halloween makeup, just for people that don't know much about makeup and how to apply it. (and I'm one of those people, I admit)

I kinda liked the result and I had a great deal of fun doing this for you.
As always, you're going to see some of my silly faces on this blog post, hope it makes you smile, at least.

For this makeups I only used my Raven Lipstick, Mua's nº1 Lipstick, Kooky Lip Lacquer, a black eyeliner, a purple, black and gold eyeshadows, and a purple lip liner.

Are you going to celebrate Halloween? What are you going to wear?

Hope you like it! And see next time!
Love, Maria

BeautyOpening my Mail |Caixinha Mistério

Today I received in my mailbox a cute bag filled with beautiful things from my lovely Helena T
I entered a blogger's event, created by the wonderful Rita Vilas Boas, where 14 bloggers would received a mystery box filled with a minimum of 3 beauty products. It's like a Secret Santa, but blogger's style!

I sent some products to the blogger Ana and she loved it all! She even told us in the video that maybe I entered her house at night to see her likes and dislikes because I send her products that she really wanted and needed! Good for me *pat on the back* *tap*tap*

My secret "Santa" was my lovely friend Helena, I can't believe she kept this a secret! She sent me so many products, I loved everything, thank you so much! I'm really anxious to try it ALL! 
What do you want me to try first?