33 Bohemian Chic

Coat: SheInside + Tunic: Stradivarius + Boots: Just For 5£ + Necklace: Sin's Bow Tie + Flower Crown: Halo Shop
Hello girls and boys,
The sun came out today and I had to take advantage of it. I wore my beautiful tunic from Stradivarius, my perfect coat from Sheinside, my new and AMAZING boots from Just for 5£, the necklace my dear Ana gave me and the flower crown I bought at Halo Shop.
This boots are so comfortable, you can't even imagine! So soft, comfy and cozy *-* I recommend you to buy at Just for 5£, the service is perfect, the products amazing, the price you can imagine ahah, and the delivery is super fast! 5 stars to this store!
Take also some minutes to go to this Portuguese shops: Halo Shop and Sin's bow tie, you won't regret it!
Talking about Portuguese projects, today I want to talk to you about Boonzi, a personal finance software. The title of my blog post may have the word "Bohemian" but that's not the kind of life I have, I need to be up-to-date with my finances, and Boonzi helps me do exactly that, and at the same time it helps me save money, yes it does!
We can manage all of our accounts in this program, all the incomes and monthly expenses, and we can do it in our computer, mobile phone and soon enough in our tablet.
With the license we can install this program in three different computers and all the family can use it, because the number of profiles per license is unlimited. This amazing software its available in Portuguese and in English.
I've been using this software for 4 months now and I absolutely love it! It has amazing charts and it's so easy to use!
It has always amazing discounts that you can use, but if you buy it today you can have an 7€ discount, with this code  monAp . The license number you receive after buying Boonzi is valid forever! Is a great present to give to your parents or a great present you can ask for ^^
Love you guys. Did you like the photos?
Don't forget to comment *-*
Have a great week!

62 Lost

Jacket: Jolly Chic + Dress: Oasap + Shoes: SammyDress + Sunglasses & Ring: Lovely Breeze

How have you been?
I really love this warm weather, it always makes me feel happy and safe, like all of my problems will go away in an instant. (hope so) 
I'm using my new jacket from Jolly Chic, I've been using this jacket all the time! It's perfect for any kind of weather, if it's cold I can use it with the fluffy inner vest, and if it's warm I can easily take that detachable vest off *-* I really love this jacket from Jolly Chic, the army green color it's amazing, it's so comfortable and it is my number 1 favorite coat at the moment! 
This shoes from SammyDress have arrived this Thursday and I've been using them since that day! They are so light and comfy! This store never disappoints me! 
This beautiful sunglasses are from a beautiful Portuguese shop that I've grown to love in the past weeks. The sunglasses are perfect and the colors of the lenses are amazing, right? I really love Lovely Breeze!
I bought a present for you, from Lovely Breeze, so expect a giveaway really soon *-* 
Did you liked the photos, and the outfit? ♥
Love you, girls! 
Ps: I've been photographing the dear Helena, so stop by her blog :)

31 Lovely Blue - Giveaway

Hello lovelies!
The best for my followers, right? I joined Black Rose to give you a cute little giveaway.
I bought a nailpolish from Essence, and some amazing earrings, and Black Rose made you a perfect necklace!
Do you want to be the lucky winner?
Mandatory entries:
-Follow my blog
-Follow Black Rose
-Like Annluck
You can also do the optional entries if you want to win more points. Good luck to you all 
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