3 March 2015

Suggestions Shopping at Vanilla Vice

When I found out about Vanilla Vice through their Instagram I fell in love with their products, and when I visited their website and saw the prices the passion grew a bit more.
And off I went to buy some Vanilla Vice's products!

I bought the Gleam ring ( 2€ ), the Stone Dreams necklace ( 7€ ), Hot babes socks ( 4,9€ ) and they were kind enough to offer me the Khalili hand piece, awesome!

My order arrived super quickly and in a cute gold envelope with an unicorn! Loved everything!

Gonna use everything in next outfit posts. See you!

2 March 2015

Outfit Blogger's Closet Sale | Outfit

Jeggings: Primark | Cardigan: Primark | Boots: The Purple | Scrunchie: Frumimos | Watch: Daniel Wellington
This was the outfit I used in the Blogger's Closet Sale. It was a a busy day and I needed something comfortable to wear.

A pair of jeggings, a superman t-shirt and a burgundy cardigan were my choice for that day.

Oh, and look at Carolina photobombing my photo shoot! She's so cute!

I loved to be with all of you, thank you for showing up!

All photos by Helena

1 March 2015

BeautyMy Nail polish |Pink delight

I love to wear strong nail polish's colors, like black and purple, but sometimes I just feel the need to wear light colors.

This three nail polish I've chosen for this blog post may look as they have the same color, but I'm here to tell you they don't. The three are different but equally as cute.

For this nail swatches I only painted the nails once, only one coat, can you believe it?

With one coat, the one from Essence (1,99€) gives my nails a bit of shine, if I apply I few more coats it will end up giving the same effect as one coat from the nail polish from the French Manicure Pack gives, and I bought the pack on Beauty Uk (2,99£). The one from Andreia (2,50€) is not translucent as the other ones and it gives a light pink color that I really love.

Do you also have nail polish like this ones? Which one is your favorite?

28 February 2015

Outfit Black, Plaid and Lace

Coat: Sheinside | Shirt: Local Store | Dress: Milanoo | Watch: Daniel Wellington | Sneakers: Primark
Hello, Hello!

Is it 1pm already? Well, I'm probably eating lunch with the girls and then off we go to the Blogger's Closet Sale!

If you're going don't forget to say HI, take a lot of photos and have fun!
See you there!

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All photos by Helena

27 February 2015

Personal Driving License
And why I'm the worst

Taking my driving license was really hard for me, not because I had trouble with the exams, I passed both exams at the first time and with excellence, if I may say so ahahah.

But I had a hard time because I'm a pain in the ass. I am.

I was sure that I wasn't going to like any of it. I thought I didn't needed a car and that it was a waste of my time and money. The time to get the license since you put foot on the school is two years, and I used it all, I'm a bad ass.

I went to the first class and I thought the subject was dumb, which it is. I went to some more classes from that teacher, but he only gave a 30 minutes class, so I decided to wait for the next one.

The teacher that gave the other class was amazing, I really liked him, he was funny, nice and a really good teacher. But as always I started to feel that I was being forced to be there, which I kinda was, and then university exams appeared and I decided to focus on them, months passed and passed... Decided to go again, starting to love the classes again and I had a little problem.

I was walking to the class and I thought "Ow, I can believe I'm going to class without feeling forced to go", and then I thought: "My knee doesn't hurt so much anymore, the doctor was the worst telling me I was going to feel pain forever" and then I fell...

In the ground was a plastic round shaped thing, the kind of thing people uses to wrap magazines to deliver to shops, you know?. And I didn't see it, my feet got trapped and I fell.

It would be completely fine to fall if I didn't already had a knee problem. I crushed my knee cartilage and it was really hard for me to walk. I had to take pills to reconstruct my knee cartilage for two months, it was awful. But that is a story for another day.

I didn't go to the university for days, and of course I didn't go to the other school either.

When summer arrived, and I only had four months to do driving exams, I decided it was time to go (but it took me about 2 weeks to actually go). I went everyday for two/three weeks and then I made the first exam, answered all question correctly.

I ended loving the classes, I knew everything and I loved knowing. My teacher was amazing and it was hard leaving the classes (for about 2 weeks, then I went back to normal ahah)

The driving lessons were also good. Never thought I would love to drive a car, but it was amazing.

I made my driving exam a few days before the end of the deadline. It was extremely bad ass of me and my teacher but we've made it. The exam went really well and everything worked out for the best.

Now I have a car, and it's perfect! It's my little "Gordo" (it's the portuguese word for "fat") as I like to call it.

As you can see I'm really stubborn. And sometimes I have to force myself to do things I don't want to do, so I can end up loving them.

If you are like me try to give this opportunities a chance. There's nothing wrong in trying.

26 February 2015

Outfit Take a second, Take a year

Coat: La Redoute & Primark | Boots: SammyDress | Jeggings: Primark | T-shirt: Au Revoir Simone
I don't have much to say about this outfit. I used it to take some photographs for Helena's blog.
I was really sleepy, my hair was all tangled and I didn't stop for a minute on the photo shoot, poor Helena, I'm the worst model.

A simple and comfortable outfit that's really good for this kind of days.

Love my boots!

25 February 2015

Lovely DayThe Blogger's Closet Sale

Hello, hello!

This Saturday, 28th of February me and some wonderful bloggers are going to be having a closet sale. I'll be sure to post a lot of photos on my instagram and later on the blog! Keep a tab on us and our guests on instagram with the hashtag #BloggersClosetSale

Olá, olá!
Este sábado, dia 28 de Fevereiro eu, a Helena do Fashion Mask, a Bárbara do My Kind of Joy, a Liliana do Fashion Avenue, a Catarina do An ideal for Living e a Daniela do Ballerina Bird, vamos todas nos juntar para fazer um Closet Sale a preços bastante acessíveis.

Eu vou também estar disponível para vos tirar dúvidas de html e de fotografia, e se fores blogger podemos até fazer pequenas modificações no teu blog.

Se fores do Porto ou tiveres disponibilidade de te deslocares até lá, aparece!
É muito simples de lá chegar, só precisas de ir de metro até à estação Francos e a partir daí encontrar o nº 246, vou estar por lá a indicar-vos o caminho. É muito simples de lá chegar, mas se não encontrarem mandem msg pelo facebook que eu vou lá ter convosco.

Adorava ver-vos por lá! Venham tirar fotografias connosco, conhecer-nos pessoalmente e conhecer também outras bloggers que irão marcar presença.

Vai ser uma tarde super divertida, não faltes! 
Usa a hashtag #BloggersClosetSale quando lá estiveres, queremos ver todas as vossas fotos na photobooth!

Quem vai? *-*

Morada: Rua da Travagem, nº 246 – 1º, 4250-489 Porto
Horário: 14h às 18h - Evento no Facebook *Aqui*