BeautyFavorite Beauty Products |January

Well, all my favorites from January are from Avon. Know why?

I started working with Avon last month, I only had some Avon products at home and I had to take this opportunity to buy more products from the brand.

And the truth is a loved them all. They have some hypoallergenic products for people like me and I have to say my skin improved a lot, and the scars from the last allergic reaction are almost gone.
I never had problems with zits and I got a little scared, and worried that it would become a daily struggle. Happily it was just a fright that passed with the help of this little beauties.

Face Cream Échinacea & White Tea (Campaign 14 page 173 3.95€)
I bought this cream from Avon and it promised to reduce small wrinkles, I laughed. A cream that only costs 3,95€, with natural products and it promised something like that? It was really funny... until I tried it. It does the work, bravo! The little wrinkles I have from smiling have faded, my skin is really smooth and it also helps get rid of acne scars. 
Matte BB Cream (Campaign 14 page 86 8,95€)
This bb cream is from that hypoallergenic production line I had talked to you about. I love it! I've chosen the matte one and it doesn't disappoint! 
Powder Brush (Campaign 13 page 81 with free Bronzer 8,95€)
& Foundation Powder (Campaign 14 page 52 9,95€)
This brush is so soft! I use it with my foundation powder from Avon. Both products are perfect! 
Eyeliner Cosmic Brown (Campaign 14 page 17 3,95€)
A brown eyeliner! I really love this eyeliners from Avon, I also have it in black. And as you know I'm loving brown eyeliners lately, they give a natural look that I adore!

Se quiseres que eu seja a tua revendedora Avon e te ponha sempre a par de promoções nos teus produtos preferidos podes ver o catálogo e fazer as compras por lá: www.avon.com.pt/lovablemaria 

Sempre que tiveres alguma dúvida ou preferires que seja eu a pedir por ti podes-me enviar um e-mail: shoppingwithmary@gmail.com
Boas compras e até já*

SuggestionsStreet Style Looks

This world we live in has become a really fashionable one. We look around and we can see people with a high sense of style.

Really good fashion choices is all we want, and today I'm going to show you some examples of street style and similar products I found so you can buy it and recreate the look.

I found really easy to find similar products at Style Moi, such a nice store with great products, and we can see the store keeps up-to-date to the latest trends.

Let's see the looks? All the products are listed and linked to the stores.
COAT: 33,33$ | TOP: 26,99$ | TROUSERS: 29,99$ | SHOES: 24£ | SUNGLASSES: 10£
COAT: 28,99$ | SHIRT: 24,99$ | PANTS: 24,99$ | SNEAKERS: 19,99£ | BAG: 33,10$ | SUNGLASSES: 10£ 
COAT: 33,29$ | JUMPER: 30,99$ | JEGGINGS: 23,09$ | SNEAKERS: 44,95£ | BAG: 44,99$ | SUNGLASSES: 6,79$

PersonalWhat's in my bag? |January Edition

Hello, hello!

Ow, how I adore this kind of blog post! I always love to see what people have in their bags, yeah I'm THAT curious.

Here you have some items I have in my bag:
My keys (House keys and University locker keys, my one's, Skittle's and Sab's) on a panda key chain from La Cerise.

My Baby Lips from Mabelline and a hand cream from Catherine to keep my lips and hands hydrated.

My compact camera from Fujifilm to take some photographs along the way, my wiko mobile phone to check messages and update instagram, a power bank for my cellphone, because we never know if were are going to need extra battery, and of course some candy for me and friends.

What's in your bag?

Web Design Personalize your labels

Hello Darlings!

It's really important to have your blog sorted out, with strong categories. It's also important to have them visible on the blog.

Today I'm going to show you some ideas for your labels.

Choose the one you like the best and use it on your blog. You can also personalize them with the little comments I wrote on the code to help you out.
Hello Darlings!

Considero muito importante ter as categorias do blog bem definidas e bem visíveis no nosso blog.

Hoje vou-vos mostrar algumas alternativas para usarem nas vossas categorias.

Escolham o que gostam mais e só precisam de seguir os passos. Podem também personalizar com a ajuda dos pequenos comentários que coloco no código.

First step: Add HTML CODE
First thing you need to do is create the html code for your labels.

Go to the "Layout" Page, click in Add a gadget (on the sidebar). Then click on HTML/Javascript and paste the code where it says content:
Change the links and names of the labels for your owns.
A primeira coisa que tens a fazer é criar o código para as tuas labels.

Vai à página "Esquema", clica em Adicionar uma miniaplicação (na sidebar). Depois clica em HTML/Javascript e onde disser conteúdo coloca este código:

Muda os links e nomes das categorias para as tuas.

Second step: Personalize
Now the best part, let's personalize it and create something unique for your blog.

To add CSS go to TEMPLATE page, click on EDIT HTML.
Search for and click on the triangle next to it, and put the css code  you've chosen before
And you're done! See you next class?

Agora a parte melhor, criar algo único para o teu blog.

Para adicionar o CSS vai à página MODELO, clica em Editar HTML.
Procura por e clica no triângulo que se encontra ao lado, e coloca o código css que escolheste antes de
E está feito! Vemo-nos na próxima aula?