An almost black outfit! Almost, yes, because of those little cute white stripes from my new sweater from Dresslink. I have been hunting down for some perfect crop sweaters and this one is so comfortable to wear, and so soft!

It only costs 5,53$ and it is also available in white with black stripes.

To that I also added my H&M black jeans, a Chicnova bag, Zara shoes and my favorite pair of glasses!
Photo from a post from 2013, oh my oh my
I think you know pretty well how I fell about rompers, they are the most simple thing to use. Just put it on and yes! you are ready to rock-on.

If I could I would have one in each color, pattern and fabric.

I think the only problem with rompers is that you can only wear them in the hot season, a problem because we want to wear it all year long!

The great thing about rompers is that it is completely versatile, it can be used to go to the beach, to music festivals or even to going out in the evening, it all depends on the length of the romper, the fabric and pattern, and then of course the shoes and accessories you match it with.

With summer coming up new rompers are arriving to my wardrobe and I can't wait to show you!

But till then here you can find a few of my favorite Choies' Rompers. Every romper is linked to it's own product page so fell free to check them all.

I've been wanting a nude lipstick for a while now. In February, when I was having a bit of a shopaholic crises I decided to buy one for myself.
What better brand to start experimenting than a brand that I already know and love? Makeup Revolution has won a little spot in my heart, the brand's lipsticks are just too perfect and also inexpensive. 
A thing, kinda weird (or is it?), that I do is: when I'm in the mood for a lip color that I don't have I use two or three lipstick colors till I achieve that perfect lip color that I want. Do you also do that?
And of course that this nude lipstick has been one of those lipsticks I use to create the color I want to achieve.
In the photo bellow, gonna show you the outfit later on the blog, you can see one of those creations. I really wanted an orangy nude lip color and so I used this nude lipstick, my awesome Ice Pink lipstick from Hean and the orange lipstick from the Full Scandalous Collection.
Is it something weird to do? I really loved the result!