When I found out about Vanilla Vice through their Instagram I fell in love with their products, and when I visited their website and saw the prices the passion grew a bit more.
And off I went to buy some Vanilla Vice's products!

I bought the Gleam ring ( 2€ ), the Stone Dreams necklace ( 7€ ), Hot babes socks ( 4,9€ ) and they were kind enough to offer me the Khalili hand piece, awesome!

My order arrived super quickly and in a cute gold envelope with an unicorn! Loved everything!

Gonna use everything in next outfit posts. See you!
Jeggings: Primark | Cardigan: Primark | Boots: The Purple | Scrunchie: Frumimos | Watch: Daniel Wellington
This was the outfit I used in the Blogger's Closet Sale. It was a a busy day and I needed something comfortable to wear.

A pair of jeggings, a superman t-shirt and a burgundy cardigan were my choice for that day.

Oh, and look at Carolina photobombing my photo shoot! She's so cute!

I loved to be with all of you, thank you for showing up!

All photos by Helena
I love to wear strong nail polish's colors, like black and purple, but sometimes I just feel the need to wear light colors.

This three nail polish I've chosen for this blog post may look as they have the same color, but I'm here to tell you they don't. The three are different but equally as cute.

For this nail swatches I only painted the nails once, only one coat, can you believe it?

With one coat, the one from Essence (1,99€) gives my nails a bit of shine, if I apply I few more coats it will end up giving the same effect as one coat from the nail polish from the French Manicure Pack gives, and I bought the pack on Beauty Uk (2,99£). The one from Andreia (2,50€) is not translucent as the other ones and it gives a light pink color that I really love.

Do you also have nail polish like this ones? Which one is your favorite?