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Yeti Cup
I've been using this awesome YETI cup, from, for a few days now, I really wanted to see if it was as amazing as it sounded. And I have to say that it really is!

But what does it promises? It promises cold beverages for 24 hours straight! And hot beverages for 12 hours straight! I was so skeptical at first but also very excited!

I decided to make a test to see if it could actually keep hot beverages hot for so long, and yes, it can. I can say that for the first 6 hours my beverage was super hot, exactly how it was the first time I poured it down the cup. The next 6 hours the beverage was still hot, not as the beginning, but still very hot.

This cup is great to have in the office or school, or to go with you around the house! I don't know if you need 12 hours to drink a cup of coffee, but if you need to, you now know which cup to buy! ahah

And yes, keeping cold beverages cold for 24hours is great! No need to use ice and water down the drink! Sweet!

I don't know if you figured it out yet, but my cup has an "M" engraved. And you can also have whatever you want engraved in the cup!

Well, you can actually have whatever you want engraved in WHATEVER YOU WANT! The website Personalized Cart has so many gifts that you can personalize.

You can find pocket knives, watches and watch boxes, door mats, necklaces, robes, you name it!

Everything you find in this website can be personalized to your taste. And I think is an awesome way to make a present extra special.


  1. This cup is so cool and it looks really useful!

  2. uau muito fixe :D não conhecia um copo que tanto mantinha uma bebida fresca como o contrário

  3. Nice post dear :)

  4. Eu adoro copos e canecas. Adorei esse modelo!

  5. Adorei o copo. É mesmo super giro. Dá imenso jeito. Principalmente, se manter a bebida quente por 8 horas já basta. Gostei imenso da review. Beijinho


  6. Mas que boa ideia, para além de podermos personalizar, tanto mantém a bebida quente como fresca é tudo o que preciso!!!

  7. Adoro este género de copos!

  8. tem uma ótima ideia, confesso que não conhecia a marca (:


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