Smiles - Whiten your theeth

I first been introduced to whitening products two years ago. Since then I've used products from three different brands. All with their own set of qualities.

Today I want to talk to you about Smiles, and their "Smiles Tooth System". The package comes with the "Smiles Tooth Strips" and the "Smiles Tooth Powder".

The Smiles Tooth Strips are an easy, and powerful way, to achieve whiter teeth. They work by penetrating beneath the enamel and lifting staining from within. They work in just 30 minutes, and I have to say I've only used it once... my teeth became so white, with just one use, that I figured I'd wait a week or two to use it again.

Yes, it is that fast and I didn't feel any pain or sensitivity, which is great.

The package comes with 14 pouches, each one with 2 strips, one top and one lower strip, and they are really easy to apply.

The first thing you need to do is pat the teeth with a tissue to dry them. Open one pouch and place the bottom strip first (on the bottom teeth) and then the top one. Wait 30 minutes and then remove the strips and rinse your mouth with water to remove the gel that was created by the strips. And your done!

I drink coffee everyday, more than once, and I don't feel any change since I used this strips, one week ago.

To top it all of, there's a way we can have whiter teeth in less time be using the "Smiles Tooth Powder".

You only have to wet your toothbrush, dip it in the powder, brush for 2 to 4 minutes and rinse it well. Instant white teeth!

Oh, and by the way, both products contain NO PEROXIDE!

I fell in love with this brand and it's really nice to have the Tooth Powder and the Tooth Strips in the house just in case I need to whiten my teeth in just a few minutes.

Do you use whiten products? If not, do you plan to?


  1. This product looks great. I need to try it because my teeth are not as white as I want.

  2. Wo fiquei curiosa !! Onde se compra? Aconselhas mais algum kit de farmácia??


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