Suggestions (Re) Entering the world of | Snapchat

I started using Snapchat a couple of years ago, but my cellphone was always crashing and I got tired of it. A couple of days ago I decided to give it another try, now with a better phone.

Snapchat was like a big three-headed monster to me, it still is a bit, but now I'm getting the hang of it. I have been snapchatting every day and I really enjoy seeing your snapchats.

Press play to see some of yesterday's snapchats, and if you want to follow silly me just search for lovable-maria

See you there!

Ps: If you can't see the video then your browser is kinda lame. Install chrome, come on, or click here


  1. Também estamos há imenso tempo para fazer o nosso snapchat mas está difícil tomar a iniciativa! ahah Acho que o teu post nos incentivou, vamos ver se é desta! :p

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  3. Anda tudo no snapchat, acho que também vou ter de aderir :p

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  4. Eu adoro o snapchat! E obviamente já te sigo! :P
    xoxo, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  5. Confesso que ainda nao me atrevi a usar o snapchat. Não sei, sinto que não me diz muito. Quem sabe um dia mudo de ideias.


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