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Hello darlings!
Just wanted to share with you another lovely store.

Locas Biju has so many likes on facebook that maybe you already know this store.

But if you didn't know it than you really should. This four accessories you see in the photos are from this awesome store! You may have seen some of them flowing around my instagram account, aren't they gorgeous?

I've been using this hair accessory a lot! It's really strong and the cute bow with this amazing black and white print makes it all so much adorable!

And let's talk about this three gorgeous necklaces! They are so perfect! I already used the black tear drop in Expocosmética, the brown one on a daily basis and I'm so excited to wear the blue one, that it's just so damn lovely!

If you want to make a purchase you just have to send an email or a message on Facebook. My things arrived really quickly and in an excellent condition.

They are actually attending today's urban market in Oporto, in Praça das Cardosas, if you are interested in showing up I'll be passing by, with a few colleague bloggers, so don't forget to say HI! if you see us there.


  1. I haven't heard about this store until now, thank you for sharing! The accessories look very pretty, will definitely check them out. :)

  2. Os dois colares da última foto são simplesmente lindos :D


  3. Adoro os colares, que lindos :3

    Love, Ana ♥

  4. Adoro a fita para a cabeça, mas o que me despertou mais a atenção foi os colares, eu gosto de coisas simples mas elegantes e bonitas e esses colares são exactamente o que eu adoro em bijutaria, acho que foi uma óptima aquisição. Já conhecia a página mas ainda não tinha visto esses colares, quero ver mais. Beijinhos e obrigada :)

  5. Que amorosos :)

    Fico à espera das fotos do vosso passeio :D

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  6. Têm peças perfeitas!
    Blog: adonadasushi.blogspot.pt
    FB Page: facebook.com/blogdadonadasushi


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