Another month has passed by and here it is, the post with some lovely instagram accounts!

I really think this awesome ladies deserve some more followers, don't you?

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This week was so hard emotionally and physically than I just wanted for it to be over as soon as possible!

I worked so much, did late nights to have everything ready by Friday and received some good and bad news.

This Thursday I received a package from Style Moi, iey, and I was really happy to find out that in my order there was some awesome flash tattoos! *You can win yours here*

I still needed to work in the atelier this Friday, but I decided to take the flash tattoos with me and offer them to my colleagues. Did everything I wanted to do to my work, iey me! And then started doing some tattoos, ahahah.

It was a really nice way to relax from a busy week. Do you like the tattoo I did on my wrist?
Tomorrow I'm going to announce the top instagram accounts of May.
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Biker Jacket: co* Style Moi | Skirt: La Redoute | Cropped Top: co* Blue Vanilla | Necklace: co* Môjo
Another outfit with my new biker jacket, and one completely different I might add. I decided to style it with my new skirt from La Redoute, yes, the skirt I won on a contest!

The skirt is extremely beautiful don't you think? And I love the little details!

I usually don't wear skirts like this one. I always thought maxi skirts only fitted perfectly tall girls, but I happily found out that I didn't appear short at all.

Ps: My cheekbones are killing me
Denim on Denim has never been one of my top favorite trends, I have to admit. But there's nothing better than to get out of our comfort zone and unexpectedly create some awesome outfits.

Here are some steps for you to get rid of that "Denim phobia".
Browse & Be amazed
The first thing we need to do is to browse some outfit photos on the internet, specially on Pinterest and Lookbook, and eventually, and quite easily, find out that Denim on Denim is actually a pretty cool trend!
Shopping online&offline
Now that we are pretty obsessed in having the perfect Denim on Denim outfit I guess is time to browse online for some awesome denim clothing.

I have to confess that one of this beauties is already on the way to my wardrobe, can you guess which one?

Every product is linked to their product page so feel free to click on every single one of them and have fun browsing some cool denim clothing!
Photos by Helena
It's strange but I didn't have a jacket like this one till now. It seems like an essential item to have in every wardrobe, and it is, it really is, and I couldn't be happier with mine.

Now that I have it I'm always wearing it, it is so comfortable. I always thought this kind of jackets were a bit uncomfortable to use but this one clearly isn't. This one is from my new favorite store and they also have it in red, but I don't think I could pull it off ahah

Do you like this outfit and photos?
Bracelet: Triangvlvs

Do you remember the art exhibition I had last month? Well, that one ended a couple of days ago and I'm already working on another one.

I have to end my painting by Friday so, as you can imagine, I'm really tired and really busy. I'm sorry if I don't respond to your emails and messages right away, I'll answer them as soon as I can.

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My new jumpsuit is awesome!

Although it is marked as pink in the website, sometimes it appears to be more of a peach color, but then I look to it again and it appears to be light pink again. I find this color enigma just adorable!

It is a really nice piece of clothing to wear in the summer. This jumpsuit is really easy to use, just put it on and you're lovely and fashionable in two seconds, and this is just one of the great things of jumpsuits.

To create a more complete outfit I added my diy kimono, my Zara shoes, my lovely crystal necklace from Vanilla Vice and my new sunglasses from Dresslink.

This lovely jumpsuit costs $24.99, about 22,50€, and this store has free shipping which is kind of hard to find nowadays. The store's name is WALKTRENDY, fancy, right?

The package came from around the world but it took less than one month to arrive at my house. This store has my stamp of approval.
If you know me really well you may know that when I enter a kitchen I always end up inventing new recipes.

My mother's birthday was this Friday and I wanted to do a birthday cake. She doesn't like to eat things with chocolate so I decided to do a lemon cake.

The cake didn't grow in the oven ( I used a way-too-big cake mold ), so I decided to make a butter cream, cut the cake into layers and create a new kind of cake.

If you love lemon but you also love to taste something sweet then this cake is for you!

I really loved the result although it wasn't exactly what I had in mind at first, but oh well... If you want some deliciousness keep reading!

Flash tattoos are everywhere now, and I think is such a cute trend! It's the hottest accessory right now and we can't let this lovely trend pass us by!

If you also love them just as much as I do, I have good news. If you register at Style Moi you can have it for free. You just have to buy anything for $3.99, just to cover the international shipping fee and this beautiful pack, that originally costs 29,99$, can be yours for free! Amazing!

You can see more details of this flash tattoos giveaway here.

Amazing news, right? Can't wait to have mine!
I already told you but, if you didn't know, I won a contest held monthly by La Redoute. Yep, lucky me! I won 100€ to spend at that lovely store!

The things I chose arrived this week and I couldn't be happier. I asked for some white jeans, two blouses and one pink maxi skirt.

This is just a little sneak preview! I'm gonna take a lot of photos wearing this beauties!

Follow me on instagram for updates and on snapchat for super-really-quick-updates ahah
And today's my mother's birthday, ieyyy, so I'm gonna be really active on snapchat while preparing lunch and stuff like that.

Instagram: @lovablemaria | Snapchat: lovable-maria
When I received this dress in the mailbox I was perplex. It wasn't clearly what I was expecting...

Not that the photo of the dress in the website made me think the dress was ugly... I bought because I thought it was amazing.

BUT when I opened the package I realized that this lovely dress from TwinkleDeals wasn't amazing, it was BEYOND amazing!

I ran to instagram to tell you all about my new dress that looked exactly like a wedding dress!

Why do I think that? The fabric of the dress is perfect, so strong... detailed, with embroidery and lace, oh and white.

This dress is really nice, it has a smaller dress inside the dress, which I find adorable! AND IT HAS POCKETS!!!

I almost fainted when my hands instantly wanted to reach for pockets and FOUND THEM!

ok... so I'm in love with this dress... but you are too, right?

I also added my flower crown from Vanilla Vice, my lilac crystal necklace from Royalty  and some rings from Style Moi, just to give it a little extra cuteness to the outfit.

It is currently on sale, so go check it out
Although I like statement necklaces, I have to admit that I love the simpler ones! This three beauties have been my top 3 when it comes to necklaces.

The one with the sun pendent is a short necklace and I love this kind of necklaces that are just a little bellow the neck and this one is from Môjo.

The lilac one I received a few days ago but it is already one of my favorites, it's simply perfect! And it is from Royalty.

The two layered necklace with the elephant is awesome, right? When I saw it at Triangvlvs I knew I needed to have it, and so I did, I'm such an impulsive buyer...

If you have a store or know of someone that sells beautiful necklaces like this ones don't forget to send me an email to tell me all about it.

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Sunday is no-makeup day for me, even if I need to take some photos for the blog (I was kinda scared I admit). 
This was the outfit I wore to take a walk with my mother in one of this Sundays and of course I took some photos here for the blog.

I've been loving my new sunglasses and I've been wearing them everywhere! That's also the case of this backpack, I'm really in love...
I love photography. I love to take photographs and I've been doing that since forever.

Some may say I have too many analogue cameras but I think that's not a thing.

I love so much this world that two years ago I decided to create my own photography laboratory to develop my own black&white films, and really did it. Awesome, right?

Last year was so, so, so strange that this passion of mine was pushed aside. But I plan to change that.

Gonna take my cameras out for a walk and have at least one near me everywhere I go. Do you think I can do it?

Hope to show you some lovely analogue photographs soon!
I started using Snapchat a couple of years ago, but my cellphone was always crashing and I got tired of it. A couple of days ago I decided to give it another try, now with a better phone.

Snapchat was like a big three-headed monster to me, it still is a bit, but now I'm getting the hang of it. I have been snapchatting every day and I really enjoy seeing your snapchats.

Press play to see some of yesterday's snapchats, and if you want to follow silly me just search for lovable-maria

See you there!

Ps: If you can't see the video then your browser is kinda lame. Install chrome, come on, or click here
Photos by Helena
My new black kimono has been craved for some of the girls, when I showed it at last bloggers's meeting or even when I showed it to you on instagram.

But that is to be expected because this kimono from Choies is truly beautiful.

When I received this kimono this outfit was created instantly on my mind. My Bershka shorts, my kick-ass tee, my new beautiful-amazing-awesome backpack from Dresslink (that I use on a daily basis now) and my round sunglasses seem to fit perfectly in to my idea of the outfit.

I'm also wearing the most beautiful little blue necklace from Locas Biju. Isn't it the cutest ever?

I really loved the result! And the photos too. And you?
When I saw this necklace this weekend in Royalty's instagram account I knew I had to buy it! We settled the details and payment over the weekend, Royalty's team sent me the necklace on Monday and I received it the next day! Amazing!

What's also amazing is that I also received a surprise! A cute hair bow with a black and white pattern. Thank you much for the extra gift!

Well, the shipping was really fast, as you can see, everything was in a secure packaging, the necklace was just like in the photos and of course it was really amazing to receive an extra product.

I've been following this store's instagram account for quite a while and they have the most adorable bracelets, maybe I'll think about buying one for this Summer.

Did you know this store? Do you like my purchase?
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Ps: We passed the 2k mark on instagram, iey! Thank you so much! 
Ps2: I'm giving Snapchat a try. Today I'm going to spend the afternoon with Helena, taking pictures for the blogs, so follow me there for some vlogs: lovable-maria