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I don't quite know how I found out about Triangvlvs' instagram page, but I'm really glad I got there!

All their products, bracelets and necklaces, are of the most perfection you could ever find. Their simplicity was what captivate me at first. Simplicity at its best, I can even say!

I already showed you on my instagram account this beauties from Triangvlvs, I just couldn't wait to show you my new amazing accessories. If you were really observant, and saw the image I posted when I received my package in the mail, you could see the perfection of the packaging! Every product had their own square bag with an amazing image, printed on it you could see some watercolor drawings and the word Obrigada, the portuguese word for Thank you.

So, as you could deduct Triangvlvs is a Portuguese store, but they sell their beauties worldwide!
If you live in Portugal you can have free shipping with orders over 10€ and the rest of the world can have free shipping with orders over 25€.

You can order some beauties by sending a message with your choices on Facebook, Instagram or by e-mail.

Ah! And the prices are amazing! The "Kindness reveals Beauty" costs 2,5€, the other bracelets, that are just lovely and remind me of Summer, 2€ each, and my two layered necklace with a cute elephant costs 5,5€.

And there's another thing, the service is amazing! They even asked me the measurements of my wrist to fit me perfectly! I'm sold!

Don't forget to buy lots of stuff, for you and for friends, and then take lots of photos and tag the store, they love to re-post clients photos!
You can find all of this photos on instagram


  1. São todos tão lindos !

  2. Tem acessórios mesmo lindos! :)


  3. Que fofos, não conhecia a loja, até pensei que fosse estrangeira mas tem coisas muito giras e muito simbólicas agora para o Verão. Gosto imenso, vou já deixar o meu gosto! Obrigada :)

  4. Não conhecia a loja e já enviei mensagem para pedir informações à loja :D tem coisas tão giras <3 Um beijinho e obrigado por nos mostrares coisas bonitas!

  5. Amorosos :)


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