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C. from Joan of July sent me an email last month announcing her new project, You can DIY. If you don't know C. you really should, she's a wonderful girl filled with ideas, amazing ideas!

I love to give my support to great projects, specially if they are from lovely Portuguese people, so I decided to purchase a box from You can DIY for 12,50€ *free shipping*

I chose the "Draw it & Shrink it" box because I have been wanting to experiment shrink paper for a while now and this was a great opportunity to do that!

In this DIY box you can find all the things you need to create your own key holder, cute magnets or, in my case, some lovely necklaces. This box includes twelve coloring pencils, three magnets, accessories to make three key holders, instructions and four A6 shrink paper.

You may or may not know but, shrink paper is an awesome paper that you drew on, or print some photos on it, and it shrinks 5 times its original size.

In my first shrink paper I drew my blog's logo and a cute cactus! I really, really, loved the result and I can't wait to wear this and show you everything on instagram and to do more awesome creations!

In the You can DIY website you can also find two more boxes, the "Make your own soap (For beginners)" and the "Make your own tea" box. Isn't it just amazing?

If you have a wonderful project like this one don't forget to email me all the details, I would love to know your store!


  1. Que boa ideia! Os desenhos que fizeste ficaram adoráveis *-*
    Messy Hair Don't Care | Blog

  2. Ficou tão fofinho o cacto! :)


  3. Não conhecia este projecto :) Mas adorei a ideia!


    Sofia Silva, Beijos*

  4. Adorei a ideia :)
    Novo post no blog

  5. que querido!



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