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You have 24,34$ (around 22,50€), and you can buy a pair of sunglasses, a sweater, a black backpack and spend the rest on shipping.

I've chose products without free shipping, but there's a category on DressLink website were you can find all the free shipping products and don't pay anything for it!

Dresslink has the most AWESOME cheap prizes of all time!

Do you want me to prove it?
The sunglasses 2,93$, the backpack 5,07$ and the sweater 5,53$.

Don't know why but I've always wanted sunglasses with a light color frame (maybe because they are awesome!!) and when I saw this ones I knew I needed them!

I guess a black backpack like this one is an essential item to have, but I didn't had anything like this, and I really really wanted it. 5,07$? Really? *Added to the cart*

This sweater is black *bonus*, cropped *bonus*, with white details *bonus* and for 5,53$ *extra bonus*.

I don't know about you but I think I've made a pretty cool purchase! And I can't wait to received it at home!

I'll tell you as soon as I receive it and then tell you if it was worth it! Bet it was!


  1. Apaixonei-me pelos óculos de sol !

  2. A mochila é gira. E realmente baratinho!

  3. de vez em quando perco-me nessa loja... =D


  4. Por acaso nunca mandei vir nada de lá, e nem sabia que os preços eram tão baixos!

  5. A camisola é tão gira! **

  6. Boas compras querida! Adorei a mochila :)


  7. Gosto muito da mochila e o preço é super acessível :)

  8. Love the black backpack, it's a must-have! :) And it's pretty affordable.

  9. Fantástico :) Gostei de conhecer esse site


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