Suggestions Gifts for him | Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming!

Do you celebrate this day? If so, here are some ideas for you to buy for your favorite boy in the whole world!

Give him some cute and fashionable sneakers, this ones are on sale at Asos and they are so beautiful, and why not adding a basic Zara T-shirt that only costs 5,95€?

If your boy is into Drawing or Writing you can also give him the perfect leather notebook, every artsy boy should own one!

Do your boy play the guitar? Give him the perfect guitar pick, you can find hundreds of versions of guitar picks on etsy, you can also personalize it and have it engraved with your first kiss date or a cute little phrase, bet he is going to love it!

Talking about personalized gifts, this leather wallet can also be engraved, it's made in a classic model that all men must love. And why not give him a bracelet designed by you?


  1. Acho que o meu namorado ia adorar o caderno :) É a cara dele!

  2. parecem-me excelentes sugestões, embora eu perceba muito pouco sobre o sexo fraco =P


  3. boas sugestões!


  4. Adorei as sugestões! :)

  5. nice
    good news for all bloggers here

  6. Tenho a dizer que vou seguir esta tua lista e que já te contactei. u_u Obrigada pelo post! ^^
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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