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Here you have it! My pink lipstick collection. They are all different and I love them for different reasons. Let's go take a look?
MUA Pouty Pink
HEAN Ice Pink nº5CT 
PRICE: 2,80€
REVLON Soft Silver Rose nº430
PRICE: 8,99$
I love the one from MUA, the color is so perfect but unfortunately it will not work on you if you have dry lips, it tends to dry too much my lips but I just can't say NO to this lipstick. If you have a lipstick with the same color from another brand please let me know, I love this light pink one.

The one from Hean has become one of my favorites, and I've been talking on and on about it on the blog. I recently bought one for my mother, she doesn't like lipsticks in general but this one she LOVED. That means something, right?

The only pink one I have with sheer finish is the one from Revlon. I personally don't like lipstick with too much shine, but this one is too pretty to be left aside. You can see more photos of me wearing it here.
PRICE (Entire collection): 7,49€
ESSENCE 09 Wear berries
PRICE: 2,89€
PRICE: 1,45€
The color from the one from Flashmob is breathtaking and it's really easy to apply. I did a review of the entire Electric Kisses collection, just click here.

I don't have much to say about the one from Essence, it has a great price, high pigmentation and it's also really easy to apply, just perfect!

The one from Makeup Revolution is called Crime, I love all the names from the Scandalous Collection, I also did a review of the entire collection, just click here to see it.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Adoro batom rosa, e os teus são todos lindos, até é dificil dizer qual é o mais bonito♥

  2. lindos, lindos, lindos! tens muito bom gosto =)


  3. suuuuure...? agora fiquei meia curiosa, meia apreensiva =P


    1. ok, já vi mas tenho de pensar que isto para sair não anda fácil,,, vou ver se te digo qualquer coisa durante o fim-de-semana ainda! =P


  4. São todos lindos mas o Crime é fantastico e fica-te super bem =)

  5. Gostei imenso do da Revolution :D
    A seguir :)

    Um beijinho,

  6. Gostei especialmente do Crime da Makeup Revolution! Também tenho o Wear Berries da Essence :)

    Beauty and Fashion

  7. Que batons lindos, gosto de todos! Tenho alguns da hean e adoro. <3

  8. Fiquei encantada com os 3 últimos tons!! Lindos :P


  9. lindos!
    Onde compraste o da MUA e o da MAKEUP REVOLUTION? :)

    Sorteio no blog

  10. Ficam-te todos tão bem :o
    Mas o que eu gostei mais foi o 3, tem um acabamento tão bonito :3

    Ana, xx ♥

  11. Adoro ver escuros mas nos teus lábios adorei o 1º. Fica mesmo docinho! :3
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life

  12. I really need to buy more lipstick. :( I think I only have one or two in my makeup kit because I wear lip balm more but this makes me want to buy more lipstick especially the ones on the first set (Pouty Pink, Ice Pink, and Soft Silver Rose). Thank you so much for let us know about these because now I know what lipstick to buy the next time I shop! xx

    Roxanne ♥ | Awkward Turtle


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