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Hello Darlings,

We all have those makeup essentials we couldn't live without. I don't know if you noticed but I offered you ALL my bb creams and foundations, a month ago. I was having an allergic reaction to the ones I had, althought they were from brands I trusted, MUA, Beauty Uk, Garnier, Fashionista [...], something was off, and I really needed to find one that didn't hurt my skin.

And so I did. I started working with Avon and I realized they had a line with hypoallergenic products. I order them and I was so excited to try it on my skin. They worked so well and I didn't had any allergic reaction.

So, my first essential is without a doubt the Solutions Mate BBcream from Avon, it has a nice scent, I don't feel it on my skin and doesn't provide an unhealthy skin for zits to come in.
My amazing BabyLips from Maybelline never leaves my side, and when it does I tend to become a little crazy (I'm kinda addicted to it), it makes my lips so soft and hydrated.
My two MUA concealers that don't leave much room to dark circles to set in.
My three wonderful brushes, the Flat Kabuki from Sigma, the Powder Brush from Avon (it's so soft, I'm going to die!) and, one that it's pretty good and cheap, the Brush from BuyinCoins.
And last but not least my Powder Foundation from Avon that I bought recently but that I already love.

This little ones are wonderful helpers when I don't fell as good as I should, they do wonders.


  1. disso tudo só tenho experiencia com o baby lips e não curto assim tanto... mas sempre achei que o BB da Avon devia ser fixe =)


  2. Ando sempre com pelo menos 3 baby lips dentro da mala ahahah adoro, são super hidratantes!

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  3. Que bom que encontraste uma linha de produtos que não te magoa a pele :)

  4. Preciso mesmo de comprar um pincel de base nesse formato.
    Também tenho a pele sensível :/

  5. Héi-de experimentar esse concealer :)

  6. Ergh... eu deixei de usar produtos da Avon quando soube que eles realmente testam em animais. *suspiro* É pena que eles têm coisas fixes até...
    Alexandra :)

    The Sweetest Life


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