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Well, all my favorites from January are from Avon. Know why?

I started working with Avon last month, I only had some Avon products at home and I had to take this opportunity to buy more products from the brand.

And the truth is a loved them all. They have some hypoallergenic products for people like me and I have to say my skin improved a lot, and the scars from the last allergic reaction are almost gone.
I never had problems with zits and I got a little scared, and worried that it would become a daily struggle. Happily it was just a fright that passed with the help of this little beauties.

Face Cream Échinacea & White Tea (Campaign 14 page 173 3.95€)
I bought this cream from Avon and it promised to reduce small wrinkles, I laughed. A cream that only costs 3,95€, with natural products and it promised something like that? It was really funny... until I tried it. It does the work, bravo! The little wrinkles I have from smiling have faded, my skin is really smooth and it also helps get rid of acne scars. 
Matte BB Cream (Campaign 14 page 86 8,95€)
This bb cream is from that hypoallergenic production line I had talked to you about. I love it! I've chosen the matte one and it doesn't disappoint! 
Powder Brush (Campaign 13 page 81 with free Bronzer 8,95€)
& Foundation Powder (Campaign 14 page 52 9,95€)
This brush is so soft! I use it with my foundation powder from Avon. Both products are perfect! 
Eyeliner Cosmic Brown (Campaign 14 page 17 3,95€)
A brown eyeliner! I really love this eyeliners from Avon, I also have it in black. And as you know I'm loving brown eyeliners lately, they give a natural look that I adore!

Se quiseres que eu seja a tua revendedora Avon e te ponha sempre a par de promoções nos teus produtos preferidos podes ver o catálogo e fazer as compras por lá: 

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  1. O pincel e BB cream parecem óptimos!

  2. Tenho poucos produtos da Avon, mas os que tenho adoro! Fiquei curiosa com o BB Cream
    Messy Hair, Don't Care | Blog
    Kiss, Mariana

  3. That face cream sounds amazing, can't believe how inexpensive it is as well! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  4. A Avon é uma ótima marca, para quem precisa de economizar é bom. =)

  5. Todos os produtos parecem ser muito bons :)
    Continuação de um bom dia

  6. I love Avon products, especially thier perfumes. I have my eyes on my next buy - that brush!

  7. até que gosto dos produtos da Avon!


  8. Fico feliz por a reação alérgica já ter passado querida :)

  9. Fiquei curiosa com o pincel e a base em pó :) Beijinho

  10. Nunca experimentei nenhum dos produtos, mas fiquei curiosa com o pincel :)

    Beauty and Fashion


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