BeautyFavorite Beauty Products |December

Hello darlings!
These ones are my favorite products of December, they've been accompanying me along this month, and they are amazing! Do you use any of this products? 

Garnier PureActive ExfoPro 7,99€
I haven't been using bb creams or foundation lately, so my skin has to be flawless! This is my little friend that helps me do just that. It's perfect to clean your skin and keeps your skin fresh and smooth.

Ice Pink Lipstick nº5Ct from Hean 2,80€
You can't imagine how much I love this lipstick! It is a little bit darker than my natural lip color and I really love to see it on my lips. When this runs out I'm going to buy another one, for sure!

Baby Lips from Maybelline 2,99€
This one is my favorite! The name couldn't be more suited to this range of products from Maybelline. This is the second one I bought, I also have the "Cherry Me" one, and they make my lips feel so amazing that I can't even describe how much I love this products, they surely give me baby-soft lips!

Face cream from MyLabel
This cream is kinda amazing! If you apply a large quantity on a blemish, every day, those marks start to disappear, like magic!

Nail polish from Andreia 2,50€
This nail polish has such a pretty color, a light pink that I called "pinkywinky" when I wanted to describe it to a friend ahah. Love to see it on my nails!


  1. Gosto muito desse baby lips, a cor do outro batom é tão gira :D
    Beijinhos ♥

  2. Finalmente encontrei alguém que usa o mesmo creme para o rosto que eu, realmente eu adoro o da My label, uso o para peles mistas a oleosas e é perfeito, eu que fico com uma marca horrivel no queixo, se o usar, passado uma hora começa a desvanecer a vermilhão!


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