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A couple of days ago I received a beautiful bag from Helena and this mask was in it. Today I decided to experiment it. 
This package comes with two doses to use, I used one, and gave the other one to my mother to experiment. 
Taking the mask of the package gets a little messy, I opened it and had to use both hands to take the mask off of it, but and the cream? Where does it go? Some of it to my fingers, some of it to the bathroom table. 
Yeah, I said cream... never I ever used a mask that looked so much as a cream, I felt like I was applying a huge amount of cream to my face. I left it on my face for about 15 minutes and took it off with some wipes (as the instructions said). I still felt like my face was really oily so I cleaned it with water but I still felt like my face was strange... I waited a little while and voilà my face was soooooooo soft! And did I said that this mask smells so good? No? Well it does! 
For something that was starting to look like a big disappointment ended like a great product. I'm not saying that it's my favorite product of all but it surely does the work, at a small price.
Not using any makeup
Collagen Mask
Brand: Rilanja Face
Shop: Clarel
Price: 1€

More reviews soon!



  1. Realmente o início até assustou mas se compensou ainda bem! ^^
    Alexandra :)

  2. Por 1€ acho que vou experimentar :)


  3. Parece uma boa compra !
    Hei-de experimentar :)

  4. Pensei que ia ser um desastre total, mas afinal a máscara fez o seu trabalho e ficaste com "pele de bebé" :P e pelo preço que é, não é má!

  5. Nunca experimentei máscaras, já vi dessa marca mas nunca comprei. Quem sabe um dia destes :)

  6. Look like a great product!

    Would you like to follow eah other ?


    Emily from PTT

  7. great mask for a great price :)
    wish I could try it too though, I love masks.
    great blog, very inspirational


  8. Lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other?
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  9. Nunca experimentei, mas o preço convida a fazê-lo :)



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