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Today I received in my mailbox a cute bag filled with beautiful things from my lovely Helena T
I entered a blogger's event, created by the wonderful Rita Vilas Boas, where 14 bloggers would received a mystery box filled with a minimum of 3 beauty products. It's like a Secret Santa, but blogger's style!

I sent some products to the blogger Ana and she loved it all! She even told us in the video that maybe I entered her house at night to see her likes and dislikes because I send her products that she really wanted and needed! Good for me *pat on the back* *tap*tap*

My secret "Santa" was my lovely friend Helena, I can't believe she kept this a secret! She sent me so many products, I loved everything, thank you so much! I'm really anxious to try it ALL! 
What do you want me to try first?


  1. Uma ideia super gira :)

  2. Adorei as coisinhas =)

  3. Adorei as coisinhas! :D

  4. O batom é tão giro! Otima iniciativa :)

  5. Esse batôn é lindo.
    Adorei a inciativa da Rita, ela tem sempre ótimas ideias. :)
    Alexandra :)


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