English I don't obsess about much, really. But there are a few things that drive me crazy, and one of those are STICKERS, yes, don't ask me why!

When I found out about Leona Prints I simply had to make my first order, and then my second, and probably my third in a few days (THEY SELL MUGS NOW! AND SOCIAL MEDIA PLANNER STICKERS!)

The store started following me on instagram and I fell in love with the products, completely.

And that's it! Bottom line: Now I have some cute little stickers, and personalized "Lovable Maria" stickers AND I found a store for life! 
And one more thing, I'm trying to post everyday! So... See you tomorrow! 
Love you,
Português Eu normalmente não sou pessoa de ficar viciada em nada. MAS existem algumas coisas que me deixam completamente auhsufhajshgajshfuasfh, e uma dessas coisas são autocolantes, ahahah sim... não perguntem.

Quando descobri a loja Leona Prints tive de fazer logo a minha primeira compra, e depois a minha segunda compra, e provavelmente a minha terceira daqui a uns dias (AGORA VENDEM CANECAS FOFAS! E AUTOCOLANTES PARA AS REDES SOCIAIS!)

Quando a loja me começou a seguir no instagram eu apaixonei-me por todos os produtos!

E é isso! Resumindo: Agora tenho autocolantes fofos para decorar a minha agenda, autocolantes personalizados "Lovable Maria" e descobri uma lojinha para a vida! 
E só mais uma coisa, vou começar a publicar todos os dias aqui no blog, continuar com os dois vídeos no Youtube e publicações diárias em todas as minhas redes sociais e tentar fazer vlogs diários no Snapchat, por isso... Vemo-nos por aí e até amanhã! 
Love you,
Do you know when it's really cold outside and you need to go out but you really don't want to look like a polar bear?

This coat is perfect for this kind of situations! I don't feel cold at all and I don't need to wear layers and layers of clothes beneath it. But despite all that, this coat is really cozy and cute, don't you think?

This Loose Sleeve Sweater Coat can be found at RelaxFeel.com, and it's also available in light blue, pink, beige and grey.

I decided to pair my coat with a skirt I didn't use for more than ten years (how did that fit me?), a white blouse from La Redoute and my favorite nude shoes from Yoins.

Hope you liked it,
See you tomorrow.     Tumblr Girl