English Having a blog is hard work, not gonna lie, but it's completely worth. I have this blog for more than 5 years, it's a lot, I know. The first couple of years I only wrote depressing things but in 2012 I changed a bit and I decided that my blog needed to grow, in a short period of time the blog went from 100 followers to 1000.

I receive e-mails from you telling me that you want to create a blog, but don't know how, or you want to create a blog but think that you are super shy and that would be a bad thing for the blog, or you want to grow your blog but don't know how.

Being shy isn't a bad thing, I was considered shy for most of my life and I decided that I wasn't going to let that be a problem. Every time I'm afraid of doing something I found a solution that works every time. I just do it! I forget that I'm afraid and do it! I don't regret my tactics, they led me here, to almost 3000 followers and a bunch of lovely blogger friends.

If you are afraid of receiving hater's comments, don't be. I never answered to one of that kind of comment for a simple reason. That person, that is usually anonymous, didn't take the time to get to know you better, instead they spent a few seconds to write awful things about you. The only people that matter are your friends and they know you for ages, so. that got to mean something, right?

Two other important steps that I think are really essential to make your blog grow is to have a domain and personalize your blog. My domain "www.lovable-maria.com" costs around 13€ a year. I do online classes were I teach you how to personalize your blog, but if you think hmtl and css aren't really your thing you can click here to have your blog personalized for 10€.
Português Ter um blog não é fácil mas, acho que toda a gente que tem o blog pode dizer que, todo o esforço vale a pena.

Eu recebo imensos e-mails e mensagens de Facebook vossas a pedir dicas de como começar o blog ou fazer o blog crescer, entre outras coisas.

Eu respondi a todas as meninas que me fizeram estas perguntas, mas decidi gravar um vídeo onde respondo a todas estas perguntas, de forma a tentar ajudar mais pessoas.

Se quiserem mais dicas ou tiverem alguma pergunta específica deixem nos comentários. Beijinhos