Dungarees: Nakua | Cropped Sweatshirt: BlackFive | Sneakers: Primark | Watch: Daniel Wellington
A couple of days ago I was challenged by the TragialF bloggers to choose one piece of clothing that was for me a huge favorite in the past but for some reason was now lost in my wardrobe, and then share it with everyone in a blog post.

This Dungarees were the chosen piece, I've started using them in the 5th grade and used them, more sporadically, till the 9th. This dungarees transmitted to me a sense of peace and happiness and I only stopped wearing them because I became really self-conscious about my body. I think dungarees are a really hard piece to pull off, do you feel the same way? In spite of that, they are one of the few pieces of clothes that have been in my wardrobe for ten, or more, years in a row, that has got to mean something, right? I just can't seem to put this dungarees way.

For this outfit I added a bit of color with my beautiful green sneakers from Primark and, my also green, cropped sweatshirt from BlackFive. I also decided to add my newest accessory, a way-to-beautiful-to-exist Daniel Wellington Watch.

It's the most perfect watch I own, it is a classical model that never goes out of style! I really think everyone should own at least one of this classical watches.
Mine has a beautiful, and strong, black leather strap and the case is in rose gold. It's a timeless model that goes well in every occasion.
If you want one for yourself or give it as a gift to someone special, I have a 15% coupon code that you can use till March 15th, here it is: lovable-maria Just enter danielwellington.com and enjoy your shopping. You can also follow the brand on Instagram and Facebook.

And please, if you liked this TragialF project you can also enter it. Just click *here* to know a bit more about this great idea.

I would love that Helena, from Fashion Mask, Bárbara, from My kind of Joy, and Jo, from Paper and Ink joined me in this project, please, please? I love your style, and I bet you are going to create perfect outfits!

I would like to thank TragialF for challenging me, it is truly an honor, and for this beautiful idea, I hope many people join this project.
Helena and Me
I've been blogging for a while now, although not intensely as I do at the moment.
Many of you may think that all bloggers are competing for a place on top, as the hit blog of the century.
I don't see it like that, everyone has their opinions and they should be able to share them. There's never going to be "too many bloggers".

What I do to help other bloggers:

Online Classes in Web Design
As a blogger I don't mind, not even a little, to help other bloggers out. As you can see I even do online classes for them to personalize their blogs to create something unique and only theirs.
I LOVE html and css, I love to control my blog's design with only some lines of text. And why not teach you some things to help you out?

Mailbox always open
I receive a lot of e-mails or messages on Facebook from other bloggers. They usually need my help when technical html errors occur, or if they need some specif code for their blogs.
I love to help, and I always do, but sometimes other bloggers forget I'm only human and have a life and problems of my one. Sometimes I do it right away in 10 minutes, sometimes I can only open your e-mails two days later. Don't be mad, understand, and we will be alright (with a wonderful blog design).

Taking a hour a day to take photos of other bloggers doesn't cost me a bit. Especially if they are as nice as Helena. I love to take photographs and it's a wonderful way to train my photography's skills.

Inspirational blog posts
Blog posts like this one, or the "Being a blogger", help a lot. I love to read this kind of blog posts. They give as a boost of creativity and energy that almost any other post can't.
Is perfect for a brief introspection and to understand what we are doing right and wrong.

Sharing the Love
There's nothing wrong in sharing other blog's links, giveaways or even helping them out by sharing some personal stuff.
We are all in this together and it doesn't hurt to help each others out. It will make this journey a lot more welcoming and easier. Share the love

Poncho: Local Store | Boots: Local Store | Dress: Lanidor | Bag: Chicnova

All Photos by HELENA