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Vamos lá começar?
Boots: Just for 5£ + Jeans: Stradivarius + Kimono: Diy with a Parfois scarf + Top&Sunglasses: Vintage

Just for 5£ store is growing in me in a way that I never thought was possible. I already own two pair of boots from this store and, en spite of their heel height, they are super comfortable and gorgeous.
This boots are one of my favorites, I just love the gold detail! Click *here* to see the last post I made about Just for 5£. 
The Kimono is really homemade! I said to my mom that I really wanted to do a kimono, and she was kind enough to buy me this awesome scarf from Parfois and make the kimono for me. She did it in just half an hour. It's really easy to make, and if you want to I would show you how to do it.
Love you!