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I love to do inventions! I, as a painter, am like a crazy scientist hungry for new creations and new paths. And I'm so glad that I'm like that to other things in my life.

This invention, all of them really, could go extremely wrong but I'm here to tell you that it works and you could try it if you want to.

Imagine that you have zits on your face on top of acne scars, that's one of the most terrible things that could happen. The skin doesn't improve and new zits are always appearing and you just can't seem to get rid of that scars in the process.

As an Avon re-seller I use many of their products, one of them is a wonderful peel-off mask that you use at night to improve your skin and get rid of zits.
This product is perfect to dry pimples and to lighten up the scars, but what if you could add another product to it and make the results appear faster?

Every night I apply a bit of the peel-off mask and then, without wasting to much time, I apply a layer of talcum powder. That way the mask becomes a lot stronger, the talcum powder proprieties will work to dry and lighten your skin, and if you move a lot a night the mask won't come off.
This mask it's perfect because it drys quickly so your pillow stays clean, and you just have to peel it of in the morning.

This two products combined work perfectly on me, are you going to try it?
Products: Peel-of mask (4,5€ pag. 103) + Talcum Powder (+/- 5,5€)

Do you also love to do this kind of inventions? I have a lot to show you, stay tunned and be amazed ahah!

When I did the Lip care blog post I got to thinking. How did I my lips get fuller? And what did I do to turn them like that?

I remembered that it all started with Shay Mitchell's lips, they are so big and beautiful. And did you remember all the Shay's mirror face commotion?

Since then, last year I guess, I started paying a lot of attention to my lips and started taking care of them.

There's only 3 simple steps to fuller lips!

Exercise, Exfoliate & Hydrate

Try to make "Shay's mirror face" some minutes a day, that's all it takes really ahahah And it works.
I've read that kissing also helps, so go get your love and demand some amazing smooches ahah

Exfoliating lips improves blood circulation and that means naturally fuller lips.
If you don't want to buy a lip scrub like mine, you can do one at home. Sugar and water is all you need! Massage gently on your lips, clean your lips with warm water and apply your favorite lip balm.
You can also use a dry toothbrush, but you can also apply to the toothbrush a bit of honey or Vaseline and massage carefully.

Overnight our lips tend to grow a bit, so be sure to put on your best lip balm before getting into bed.
And have it near you all day long and apply it every time you need.
I love my lips, hope that's not a strange thing to say.
I really hated them at some point, they were a bit thin, but got fuller somehow.

When I get some allergic reaction or zits around my lips they suffer a lot, I'm really pale and those little acne scars get really noticeable. SO UGLY

Because of that I take really good care of my lips and this are the products I've been using this couple of weeks.
Kissful lip care lip scrub 3,99€
Exfoliating our lips is a really important step to soft lips. I've found this cute, lip scrub at Primor and I decided to give it a try.
It's not to harsh on my lips but it does the work.
Just have to put a bit of product on my lips, massage the lips and then clean it with warm water. And don't taste it, it has a sour taste ahah
I don't have how to compare it with others, it's my first, but I really like it!

Face Cream Échinacea & White Tea 3.95€
I don't know if it's weird but I put face cream on my lips. Every time I wash my face or if my lips are extra dry. It seems to do the job and it's even great to lighten some darker spots.

Crema depilatoria extracto de olivia 1,99€
One of the little changes I've made was in a depilatory cream, my old one seemed to be too harsh on my skin and I always ended with little wounds near the lips. This one is just perfect for sensible skin. I've been using it this couple of weeks and I don't have any complain, and it's super affordable!

LUXILIPS Bálsamo labial - Neutral 1,75€
I also bought another lip balm, to put the babylips to rest, also super affordable and also from Primor. I'm always using it and I love it!
Two months ago me and Sab had a craving, a HUGE craving! We we're feeling a bit low so we went to the market and bought a bag with eight delicious chocolate croissants and some chocolate cookies. 
There's nothing wrong in doing that, except if our skin doesn't like chocolate as much as we do, and unfortunately that's my case. Zits started to appear and although the croissants were REALLY GOOD, I don't think they were worth this risk. 
Well, my bad, right? I always try not to eat chocolate but sometimes I simply can't resist it, I bet you can understand me. 
The soap I shared with you does almost all the work, but this time the zits attacked me really bad. I had to take some extreme measures and bring the big guns.
You just have to do this simple steps to get rid of them:
Talcum Powder or Toothpaste
This is one of my biggest allies to dry zits. I always used toothpaste for that purpose, and believe me it works, but my skin was extra sensitive, from all the invasion, and I had to go with something better for my skin. I don't recommend you to use Talcum Powder on a daily basis but in this case it works wonders, give it a go.

Soap and Water
Clean your face every time you can! You go to bathroom, you clean your face! You go to the kitchen, clean your face. You woke up, you are going to bed? Clean your face.
I think you got it, right? And with this little routine you're going to prevent other ones to appear, which is great.

Hands off
I mean it! Stay off! Don't you dare touch your zits or try to pop them off. Really. If you do you are going to get some acne scars.
I know that it's possible to get rid of acne scars (I will show you how another day) but it's such a long treatment, and you can avoid it by not touching the zits. Do NOT touch it, please! I promise they will disappear quickly without you touching them.
I made my part, now go and kill those little bastards! Do you also use this method?
See you tomorrow, as always at 1pm.

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Hoje o meu post vai ser direcionado para o tratamento e beleza do cabelo.
Como já sabem tenho um longo cabelo e não uso muitos produtos nele, mas apaixonei-me completamente quando usei o L'oréal Total Repair 5 Intensivo, o meu cabelo está tão suave e tornou-se tão fácil de pentear (adeus nós). E para melhorar ainda mais, o produto cheira maravilhosamente bem!
Este produto foi-me cedido pelo site TRND para experimentar, qualquer pessoa pode se inscrever no site, e pode ser escolhida para receber produtos em casa , não é necessário ter blog. Por isso minhas lindas seguidoras, é só preciso clicar *aqui* para se inscreverem neste site maravilhoso. Espero que recebam muitas prendas!
Este lindo lacinho que estou a usar comprei na loja de uma amiga (e blogger), ela é tão adorável e eu adoro comprar as coisinhas dela! Já comprei aquele colar que vocês adoraram e agora comprei este lacinho, é feito de um tecido tão forte, é perfeito! Encontrem-na *aqui*
Gostaram das fotos? Estejam à vontade para deixar um comentário, adoro sempre ler as vossas opiniões!