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29 maio 2015

Biker Jacket: co* Style Moi | Skirt: La Redoute | Cropped Top: co* Blue Vanilla | Necklace: co* Môjo
Another outfit with my new biker jacket, and one completely different I might add. I decided to style it with my new skirt from La Redoute, yes, the skirt I won on a contest!

The skirt is extremely beautiful don't you think? And I love the little details!

I usually don't wear skirts like this one. I always thought maxi skirts only fitted perfectly tall girls, but I happily found out that I didn't appear short at all.

Ps: My cheekbones are killing me

06 abril 2015

This week I received this jumpsuit from Znu on the mail. This friday the weather was so good that I decided to wear it!

I matched it with my crochet cardigan, my layered necklace from Mojô, my mum's old sunglasses and a pair of Zara's ballerinas.

I really loved this jumpsuit. Isn't the top part of it the most beautiful thing ever? And I love the zigzag pattern in the bottom part. Black&White for the win!

Wanna know a funny-not-that-funny thing? I accidentally used, instead of an eyeliner, a permanent (not) tattoo pen ahahah It was a bit hard but I took everything off, the funny thing is that I only realized that the next day when I was organizing my makeup. Both pens are so similar that I didn't realized I was using the wrong pen when I was doing my makeup, I laughed so hard! Silly!

16 março 2015

Top: LovelyWholesale | Cardigan: Primark | Jeggings: Primark | Sneakers: Primark | Watch: Daniel Welligton | Necklace: Môjo

All photos by Helena

04 março 2015

Coat: Primark | Dress: Stradivarius | Boots: The Purple | Necklace: Môjo
Having Tragialf's project in mind, once again, I decided to give another opportunity to this dress, that was once my favorite dress of all time! I wore it every time I was feeling a bit low and I needed to feel "powerful", and this black beauty gave me exactly what I needed, every time!

Have you entered Tragialf's project, yet? You just have to choose a piece of clothing that was once your favorite but that it is now forgotten in your wardrobe, and send them an email. Easy, right? And it is so much fun, believe me!

For this outfit I also wore my beautiful new necklace from Môjo, it's so perfect!

All photos by Helena