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14 março 2015

Trench Coat: StyleMoi | Shoes: SammyDress | Dress: Stradivarius | Bracelet: StyleMoi | Necklace: Lovely Breeze
Photos and Videos by my dear Helena
This trench coat from StyleMoi arrived yesterday, I was so anxious to have it with me! I was meeting Helena that afternoon, so it was the perfect day to received it!

I oppened the package in a hurry and I was so happy with the trench coat that I put it on immediately over my pajamas. I use for pajamas a t-shirt and shorts and can you believe it that even with pajamas the trench coat fitted perfectly? It's the most perfect coat I ever own!

But no, I didn't meet Helena in my pajamas, I matched StyleMoi's trench coat with my favorite white dress, my new gold bracelet and then I took of the wardrobe my black bag with gold details.

I really loved the result, and you? Did you liked the photos and the video?

03 fevereiro 2015

Boots: The Purple | Tshirt: Tee Island | Coat: Zara & Primark | Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
I must think it's Summer, I've been loving t-shirts lately, and this one is really cool! I bought a size M but it's too big for me so I'm using it as a dress (with shorts bellow it).

21 maio 2014

Trouses: Zara + Shirt: Absolutribut + Shoes: Rosewholesale + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Bracelet: Shopping with Mary + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Lipstick: Elixir + Foundation: Fashionista + Concealer: MUA + Nailpolish: Andreia + Blush: Elixir + Eyeliner: Avon

02 abril 2014

Jacket: Jolly Chic + Dress: Oasap + Shoes: SammyDress + Sunglasses & Ring: Lovely Breeze

How have you been?
I really love this warm weather, it always makes me feel happy and safe, like all of my problems will go away in an instant. (hope so) 
I'm using my new jacket from Jolly Chic, I've been using this jacket all the time! It's perfect for any kind of weather, if it's cold I can use it with the fluffy inner vest, and if it's warm I can easily take that detachable vest off *-* I really love this jacket from Jolly Chic, the army green color it's amazing, it's so comfortable and it is my number 1 favorite coat at the moment! 
This shoes from SammyDress have arrived this Thursday and I've been using them since that day! They are so light and comfy! This store never disappoints me! 
This beautiful sunglasses are from a beautiful Portuguese shop that I've grown to love in the past weeks. The sunglasses are perfect and the colors of the lenses are amazing, right? I really love Lovely Breeze!
I bought a present for you, from Lovely Breeze, so expect a giveaway really soon *-* 
Did you liked the photos, and the outfit? ♥
Love you, girls! 
Ps: I've been photographing the dear Helena, so stop by her blog :)