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05 setembro 2012

A little preview for tomorrow's post!


29 agosto 2012

So, today I'm going to tell you why do I love to have a blog!
The best of having a blog is the people, the most amazing people I have ever had the pleasure to know.
Since I made this blog I met some beautiful and wonderful people but today I'm going to show you a beautiful surprise M made out for me.
Today, I was with J, my lovely boyfriend, when I received a package. I thought "What? Is this for me?", and then I read the sender name , my lovely M send me a surprise! I was over joyed! 
I open it! It was the most amazing package I have EVER recieved! It was filled with wonderful things made by M! Did I tell you she's an amazing artist? YES, she is!
She send me a mug, she paint it herself! She draw a beautiful turtle (I ♥ turtles) and a mustache! FREAKING AMAZING! She also send me cute stickers with little bears *-*, two pencils with lovely patterns and two rubbers! The package also had two earings she made herself, so perfectly made! A notebook for my watercolors (I will be sure to use it, thanks honey) and a bookmarker!
She's really an artist, don't you think?
She doesn't write in her blog in some time, lets ask her to come back okey?
M, come back to us, please!
I love you! Thank you for this gifts!! 
Her blog:
Be sure to visit her 
Lovely followers, today I had an huge urge to write in english, so bear with me okey? 
Love you all!
Thank you for making this world so much better ♥

13 maio 2012

My first gif on gifyo!
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