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08 junho 2015

Shirt + Pants: La Redoute | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: Locas Biju | Sunglasses: Dresslink

09 abril 2015

Boyfriend Jeans are pretty comfortable and this ones from Stradivarius are so awesome!

I bought this jeans a while back, I don't know why but at that time I bought the size 42! I was a bit crazy (no surprise there), they are so big! But I borrowed my mom's belt and they turned into the most perfect high waist boyfriend jeans I could ever hoped for!

I don't usually wear blazers but I thought my black blazer from Zara could work perfectly with this jeans, a simple gray top, my ballerina shoes that are also from Zara and my Parfois' bag.

Is it something you could wear?

All photos by Helena
Take my hand and tell me you would take me anywhere

06 abril 2015

This week I received this jumpsuit from Znu on the mail. This friday the weather was so good that I decided to wear it!

I matched it with my crochet cardigan, my layered necklace from Mojô, my mum's old sunglasses and a pair of Zara's ballerinas.

I really loved this jumpsuit. Isn't the top part of it the most beautiful thing ever? And I love the zigzag pattern in the bottom part. Black&White for the win!

Wanna know a funny-not-that-funny thing? I accidentally used, instead of an eyeliner, a permanent (not) tattoo pen ahahah It was a bit hard but I took everything off, the funny thing is that I only realized that the next day when I was organizing my makeup. Both pens are so similar that I didn't realized I was using the wrong pen when I was doing my makeup, I laughed so hard! Silly!

10 fevereiro 2015

I'm really sorry for the blog post's title but I had to choose something to match the text from my Top "You can't sit with us" ahah (Title from this song from one of my favorite bands)

I really loved this outfit! I didn't realized how much everything went well together till I saw the photos.

Do you like this outfit? Is it something you would wear?

03 fevereiro 2015

Boots: The Purple | Tshirt: Tee Island | Coat: Zara & Primark | Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
I must think it's Summer, I've been loving t-shirts lately, and this one is really cool! I bought a size M but it's too big for me so I'm using it as a dress (with shorts bellow it).

30 janeiro 2015

Shoes: Sammydress | Coat: Local Store | Playsuit: Choies | Skirt: Zara
I can't even begin to describe how much I love this coat! It's perfect! Do you like it?

21 maio 2014

Trouses: Zara + Shirt: Absolutribut + Shoes: Rosewholesale + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Bracelet: Shopping with Mary + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Lipstick: Elixir + Foundation: Fashionista + Concealer: MUA + Nailpolish: Andreia + Blush: Elixir + Eyeliner: Avon

01 dezembro 2013

Shoes: SammyDress ; Necklace: Choies ; Dress: Zara

If I could be a princess I would really love to be Ariel. I know I don't look a lot like her but she's my favourite Disney Princess, I really love her since I was a little girl.
In certain ways I'm like her, I'm silly almost every time, I love the sea and my favourite animal in the world are turtles! If I was Ariel I will always wear pretty dresses and take photos of my favourite sea animals, psychologically I think I wouldn't change that much, I'm silly romantic and adorably weird just like her ♥
Se pudesse ser uma princesa, adorava ser a Ariel. Sim, eu sei que não me pareço muito com ela mas ela é a minha princesa preferida, desde que me lembro.
Em certos aspectos eu sou como ela, sou tolinha a maior parte das vezes, adoro o mar e o meu animal preferido são, sem dúvida, tartarugas. Se pudesse ser a Ariel eu usaria sempre vestidos bonitos e tiraria fotos dos meus animais do mar preferidos. Acho que não mudaria muito psicologicamente, sou romântica, maluquinha e adorávelmente estranha, assim como ela ♥
This is my lovely (and mean) turtle, Poka. She's a cutie, don't you think?
Esta é a minha linda e adorável ( e também mázinha) tartaruga, Poka. É uma fofura, não acham?
Today I present to you NatusPurus, I great portuguese store that sells handmade and natural products. I already had bought a soap from NatusPurus but today I bring you a new product from that Store. This is an all natural shower gel that smells AMAZING! And the perfume stays for hours!
Christmas is coming, so if you want to offer a perfect and cute gift head over to NatusPurus, and talk to Catarina, she's really friendly and amazing!
I think Ariel would really love this store ♥
Hoje apresento-vos a loja NatusPurus, uma loja portuguesa que vende produtos feitos com ingredientes completamente naturais. Já tinha comprado na loja um sabonete lindo de morrer (alusivo ao Fight Club) mas hoje trago-vos uma novidade da loja. Esta linda embalagem que vêem na foto é um gel de duche 100% natural que cheira maravilhosamente. E o perfume permanece na nossa pele durante horas!
O Natal está a chegar, e se quiserem oferecer uma prenda perfeita e completamente natural dirijam-se à NatusPurus e falem com a linda e adorável Catarina!
Acho que a Ariel adoraria esta loja ♥
Some days ago I posted on Facebook some temporary tattoos from Tattoos for a week. I received some Disney Princess's tattoos so I used one on this post. I really loved this store because the quality of the tattoos is amazing and the delivery was super quick.
Alguns dias atrás eu partilhei com vocês no Facebook algumas tattoos temporárias da loja Tattoos for a week. Recebi algumas tattoos das princesas da Disney e decidi usar uma tattoo de estrelas do mar neste post. Eu gostei mesmo muito desta loja porque a qualidade das tattoos é muito boa e a entrega da encomenda foi muito rápida.
I want to thank Ballerina Bird the lovely invitation I received, and to congratulate her for this awesome initiative. I hope I did well Who's your favourite princess?
Did you like any of my photos? ♥