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04 março 2015

Coat: Primark | Dress: Stradivarius | Boots: The Purple | Necklace: Môjo
Having Tragialf's project in mind, once again, I decided to give another opportunity to this dress, that was once my favorite dress of all time! I wore it every time I was feeling a bit low and I needed to feel "powerful", and this black beauty gave me exactly what I needed, every time!

Have you entered Tragialf's project, yet? You just have to choose a piece of clothing that was once your favorite but that it is now forgotten in your wardrobe, and send them an email. Easy, right? And it is so much fun, believe me!

For this outfit I also wore my beautiful new necklace from Môjo, it's so perfect!

All photos by Helena

02 março 2015

Jeggings: Primark | Cardigan: Primark | Boots: The Purple | Scrunchie: Frumimos | Watch: Daniel Wellington
This was the outfit I used in the Blogger's Closet Sale. It was a a busy day and I needed something comfortable to wear.

A pair of jeggings, a superman t-shirt and a burgundy cardigan were my choice for that day.

Oh, and look at Carolina photobombing my photo shoot! She's so cute!

I loved to be with all of you, thank you for showing up!

All photos by Helena

13 fevereiro 2015

Hello, hello!
How are you?

This coat it's really amazing, right? Well, I kinda stole it from my mother's wardrobe, I had to.

This week passed so fast... don't you think? I've met Helena twice, and I helped Sab carry her ceramic work to the train station. You can see some bits and pieces of my week on my instagram
Today I'm going to spend the whole day painting, I wasn't liking my work so I fell a bit behind in class... gonna make up for that. I hope I find some inspiration today.

I also played the ukulele and posted it on instagram and facebook. Since I was a little girl, one of the many things I wanted to be was to be a musician. Singing was something that I really, really, wanted to know how to do, and I was really hard on myself when I couldn't reach a lower or higher note.

I'm not that hard on myself nowadays and I try to have fun while playing and singing. Instagram doesn't let us upload more than 15 seconds so here you have it: me singing for a few seconds.

See you tomorrow*

06 fevereiro 2015

Some of my biggest fashion finds are made at a cool second hand shop in Porto called Absolutribut. Every time I can, I go there, browse the shop and always end up finding something amazing, at a great price. The owner is amazing and really nice. If you're from Porto, or if you are going there on a visit, go visit the store, you won't be disappointed.

03 fevereiro 2015

Boots: The Purple | Tshirt: Tee Island | Coat: Zara & Primark | Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
I must think it's Summer, I've been loving t-shirts lately, and this one is really cool! I bought a size M but it's too big for me so I'm using it as a dress (with shorts bellow it).