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20 fevereiro 2015

Here you have it! My pink lipstick collection. They are all different and I love them for different reasons. Let's go take a look?
MUA Pouty Pink
HEAN Ice Pink nº5CT 
PRICE: 2,80€
REVLON Soft Silver Rose nº430
PRICE: 8,99$
I love the one from MUA, the color is so perfect but unfortunately it will not work on you if you have dry lips, it tends to dry too much my lips but I just can't say NO to this lipstick. If you have a lipstick with the same color from another brand please let me know, I love this light pink one.

The one from Hean has become one of my favorites, and I've been talking on and on about it on the blog. I recently bought one for my mother, she doesn't like lipsticks in general but this one she LOVED. That means something, right?

The only pink one I have with sheer finish is the one from Revlon. I personally don't like lipstick with too much shine, but this one is too pretty to be left aside. You can see more photos of me wearing it here.
PRICE (Entire collection): 7,49€
ESSENCE 09 Wear berries
PRICE: 2,89€
PRICE: 1,45€
The color from the one from Flashmob is breathtaking and it's really easy to apply. I did a review of the entire Electric Kisses collection, just click here.

I don't have much to say about the one from Essence, it has a great price, high pigmentation and it's also really easy to apply, just perfect!

The one from Makeup Revolution is called Crime, I love all the names from the Scandalous Collection, I also did a review of the entire collection, just click here to see it.

Which one is your favorite?

21 janeiro 2015

A girl should have at least one red lipstick in their lipsticks' collection. It's a classic look that's always on trend and never disappoint.

I have four red lipsticks and I have to say the ones from MUA are my favorites. They are creamy lipsticks and really easy to apply, they don't dry your lipsticks, like the one from Basic (that funny enough offers the same thing as a lip balm) that's a bit hard to apply. The Elixir one is also really good, really easy to apply and has a high pigmentation, I also love this one!

Which one is your favorite?
[b] basic - 53 Shiny red
Find it at Clarel's shops
MUA shade 13
Elixir Super Stay 72
MUA shade 1

14 janeiro 2015

Hello darlings,

Purple is my favorite color since I can remember. And all the shades around it are so beautiful. Lilac, violet and plum [...] are just too gorgeous.

One of the biggest trends on 2014 was purple makeup. I have never used it, since I am a big newbie in the makeup area, and I thought "Why not?". I love the color, I just hoped the color loved me back.

So I started searching and I admit that I became a little obsessed in having some purplish lipstick for myself and I didn't stop until I've succeeded.

I came to find this 5 amazing lipsticks, which one do you like the most?
MR - Depraved
MR - Make it Right
Mua - Kooky

12 janeiro 2015

Hello, darlings!

When I go to college I don't use many makeup or any, for that matter, but when I'm feeling a bit down and need an extra something I use this amazing products.

Ice Pink Lipstick nº5Ct from Hean 2,80€
As you know I LOVE this lipstick, it was one of my favorites from December. It's perfect for a natural look.

ColorTrend Brown Eyeliner from Avon 2,95€
Ow! You don't even know how much I love this eyeliner. It was a gift from my grandmother.
I didn't know how much I wanted a brown eyeliner till I experimented it. Love Love Love it!
Portuguese readers, you can now buy Avon products from me, that's right. Just click here, you can see this eyeliner at page 105. 
Cover&Conceal from Mua 1,50£ 
The liquid concealer I've been using this couple of months it's pretty good, it's from Mua, a brand I really love. It's perfect for the little dark circles. 
Face powder from Beauty Uk 3,99£
An extra coverage for a more natural look.

Hand Cream 35º Anniversary Edition from Catherine 8,50€
Because who doesn't want to have smooth skin all day long? This cream has the most amazing mango scent. It's perfect to have on our purses. 

20 outubro 2014

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18 outubro 2014

Brand: MUA
Name: MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer - Kooky
Colour: Can be build up to an intense colour with extra layers
Finishing: Matte Finish
Packaging: Is strong and it looks more expensive than it is

I love this lip lacquer. I wanted to buy another purple lipstick and when I saw this lip lacquer on Mua I had to try it. It's even better than I thought. I can have a darker lip colour if I apply more layers and a softer look if I apply only one layer. For this photos I only used one layer and you can see that it is highly pigmented. It also has a matte finish that I love, good job Mua!

05 junho 2014

Nailpolish: Andreia + Lipstick: MUA + Lipliner: Elixir Makeup + Sunglasses: GlassesShop
You might know it (or not), but I'm a huge Doctor Who fan. I even write "Bad Wolf" in my wrists sometimes and I also draw marks when I see The Silence (wait, what did I just say!???) (see show to understand references, and because it's an AWESOME show).
I'm always using catchphrases from the show and I SWEAR I hear the T.a.r.d.i.s sometimes! That sexy beast!
When I say I'm a huge fan, I'm a really, a really BIG, HUGE, SUPER, FAN. And the people around me sense it, and they give me awesome presents revolving this magical world! This super cute sweatshirt was given to me, as a birthday present, by J. THANKS darling, I love it! 
What are your favorite tv shows? Mine, top 2 favorite, are Doctor Who and Sherlock!
Free your inner geek and be happy! (And don't blink!!!)
Love you!

21 maio 2014

Trouses: Zara + Shirt: Absolutribut + Shoes: Rosewholesale + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Bracelet: Shopping with Mary + Sunglasses: Lovely Breeze
Lipstick: Elixir + Foundation: Fashionista + Concealer: MUA + Nailpolish: Andreia + Blush: Elixir + Eyeliner: Avon

24 janeiro 2014

Skirt: Front Row Shop ▲ Shoes: SammyDress ▲ Sweeter: Lovely Shoes ▲ Necklace: Manuela de Oliveira Acessórios

Hello, lovely people!
I'm so happy! I just have one more exam to do and then I'M FREE (for one week). My faculty is really demanding, we are always working and studying, and we don't have time for nothing. Is really hard when someone tells me art students don't work, despite all the hard practical work we also have exams, long papers to write and oral presentations to do. I have always so much to do, but, when I hear something nice about my work (specially from the teachers), it's all worth while!
Today I have a outfit post for you! I feel so cute with this amazing floral sweater from Lovely Shoes, my new necklace from Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios, my high waist pink skirt from Front Row Shop and my shoes from Sammy Dress, that you all know so well.

Olá, pessoas lindas!
Ando tão feliz! Sou tenho mais um exame para fazer e depois estou LIVRE (por uma semana). A minha faculdade é muito exigente, estamos sempre a trabalhar e a estudar, e não temos tempo para quase nada. É mesmo difícil quando ouço alguém dizer que estudantes de arte não trabalham, para além de todo o trabalho prático também temos exames, longos trabalhos teóricos e apresentações orais. Tenho sempre tanto para fazer, mas, quando ouvimos coisas boas dos nossos trabalhos (principalmente dos professores), vale mesmo a pena!
Hoje tenho um look para vos mostrar! Sinto-me tão fofinha com esta linda camisola floral da Lovely Shoes, o meu novo colar maravilhoso da Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios, a minha saia rosinha de cinta subida da Front Row Shop e os meus lindos sapatinhos pretos da Sammy Dress, que vocês já conhecem tão bem.
Do you remember the last giveaway? Me and Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios gave you the opportunity to win such beautiful products.
Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios sells such amazing things and this necklace is a proof of that! The store also sells scarfs, necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so much more! See all the new products in the Store's Facebook page
This shop also supplies other stores, so, if you want to sell M's products you just have to go to their website and send an e-mail.

Lembram-se do último giveaway? Eu e a loja Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios demo-vos a possibilidade de ganhar produtos maravilhosos da loja.
A Manuela de Oliveira - Acessórios vende tanta coisa bonita, e este colar é a prova disso! A loja também vende echarpes, colares, pulseiras, brincos e muito mais! Vejam as novidades na página de Facebook da loja 
Esta loja também abastece lojas, por isso, se quiserem que a vossa loja venda produtos da loja M só precisam de visitar o website e enviar um e-mail.
Some MUA products I own / Alguns produtos da MUA que possuo
Yes! My MUA makeup has arrived, and yes (!), that also means that there's going to be a new giveaway with a surprise MUA product. Curious?
Hope you like all the photos and post. Don't forget to leave a comment and like this post on facebook on that little button at the end of the post.
Love you!
Sim! A maquilhagem da MUA que pedi chegou, e sim (!), isso também significa que irá haver um novo giveaway com um produto surpresa da MUA. Curiosas?
Espero que tenham gostado de todas as fotos e do post. Não se esqueçam de deixar um comentário e gostar do post no facebook naquele botãozinho lindinho no fundo do post 

Love you!