Top 3 Favorites

Hi! I'm going to start this week by showing you some products I've been loving this past couple of days.

1# Onecklace

First of all, I'm going to start by talking about the first photo on this post. This dainty name necklace is from oNecklace. It is made with 24k Gold Plating and can be personalized to your liking.
I chose the initials of my name, MJ, and I think the end result was just stunning.
You can chose the name or word you want on your necklace, but also the material (Sterling Silver, 24k Gold Plating, Rose Gold Plating, 14k Gold or 14k White Gold), the chain lenght, the chain style (BOX chain or ROLO chain) and the kind of clasp you like best.
I fell in love with oNecklace because they have all kind of personalized necklaces to fit every taste, but they also have personalized rings, bracelets, earrings, keychains and collections for Men, Bridesmaid, with the Zodiac, and so much more.
2# Daniel Wellington
I'm incredible lucky to be able to say that I have 4 Daniel Wellington watches! They are the most amazing watches I have ever own!
They are classical, well made, stunning, and I receive so many compliments when I wear them!
If you are looking for a new one, or one to give to someone you love, I HIGHLY recommend this brand!
You can use my code LOVABLEMARIA for a 15% discount. 
(I only recommend products I LOVE, they are really the most AWESOME watches I have ever seen!) 

3# Bepanthene Eye drops
I've been using Bepanthene eye drops, they are perfect for hydrating and protecting my eyes. 
I never thought I would ever use something like this, but the truth is they are perfect after a swim in the pool, after hours in front of a computer working, or even to protect them for the Air Conditioner.
I feel so much better when I use them! 
What are your top 3 things you've been using and loving?


  1. Love your watch! It's stunning and so beautiful.

  2. Só tenho um relógio da Daniel Wellington e já fico bastante contente, são realmente peças elegantes, de elevada qualidade.
    A Maria Rita blog

  3. Que peças lindas, adorei tudo.

  4. Aw adoro o teu colar, mas o relógio também é mesmo bonito!

  5. Peças super elegantes :)Eu ando realmente tentada a comprar um relógio desses, são lindos!!!
    Já sigo o blog, bom trabalho, espero por ti no meu!


  6. Tenho um relógio da Daniel Wellington e realmente são fantásticos. A gotas Bepanthene também são fantásticas para quando estamos horas em frente ao ecrã!

    Flowers and Lipsticks | Instagram


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