Outfit of the day

Some weeks ago I placed an order at Zaful! Everything has arrived, so today I want to show you all the things that I ordered.

As I told you on my wishlist, and as you can see by the images bellow, I bought two pairs of sunglasses, both have a beautiful metal frame that I love, and the tint of the lens is just my kind of blue tone, perfect.

The first one has a silver metal bar frame and the second one has a cute cat eye frame that can be found at the Metal Cat Eye Sunglasses section on Zaful's website, yep, they have a section just for that kind of sunglasses, that's awesome.
I really couldn't decide which one I liked best so I have them both in my backpack, ahah.
For this outfit I also used the button up shirt that I ordered and matched it with some white jeans. I really liked this outfit.

The shirt is made from a strong material, it's well-made, and the floral patches are just to die for, I love them so much!

The clothes came really quickly and I loved every single thing I ordered!
I'm really tempted to buy some clothes to wear this autumn. It's coming babes, and we have to be prepared to be cute and cozy!
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