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I made a youtube channel for youtubers! There I'm going to share some green screens, transitions, tittles, copyright-free music, overlays and so many giveaways!

The first video was published yesterday, and if you want to win a moving background you just need to comment on the video and subscribe to the channel, easy.

Hope you like this idea!

Find Shirt Dresses at Zaful
Zaful is one of my favorites stores!

As you may know, I own some Zaful Clothing, and last month I bought the cutest bikini set and you loved it so much. (It's still currently in sale if you want to check it out -  *click here*)

But today I want to show you another order, that I just made yesterday.

In this order I added a button up shirt with floral patches, because, first, is cute, and second, because I've been told that I dress like a 14 year old boy, so I hope this shirt changes things for me ahah

I also decided to add two pairs of sunglasses, do I need more? No! But aren't this the cutest? They are both really similar in color, but one has a transparent cat eye frame that I think is absolutely gorgeous, and the other pair has a metal frame and they only cost $1,41. What? That's so cheap!

So, just to say that I'm incredibly happy and anxiously waiting for this order. And, if you want to do a little shopping yourself Zaful was kind enough to let me share a secret discount code of 10%! Yeah!
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