love, love, love, what’s it good for?

English I've talked to you about LOVE once or twice. I felt it, I love it!

Some days ago I read an article that said that Love doesn't hurt and Love shouldn't hurt. (If you find yourself in a abusive (mental or physically) relationship that's not a healthy kind of Love) BUT Love hurts and Love should hurt. Why? Because if you Love someone you want their happiness above all else, you feel their pain, you care for their well-being, it's inevitable, but it's a good kind of hurt.

Caring for someone other than yourself is such a good feeling and it makes me feel more of a human (& less of a robot ahah).
Love is loving every little detail, it's wanting the very best for the person you love, it's smiling when thinking about them, it's not about making promises but about giving your all every day without being asked to.
Being in love doesn't imply having this feeling only with your girlfriend/boyfriend, friends and family can also be included. Spread the love, why won't you?

Happy Valentine's Day, babes!


  1. Adoro Skins, já vi a série 2 vezes!! Effy ftw <3

  2. Happy Vanlentine's! No meu caso este dia não me diz nada mas gostei de ler o teu texto; faz todo o sentido <3

    Days of Blues

  3. Skins awwww ❤️ Foi das primeiras séries completas que vi e amei! Adorei o texto! Beijinhos**

  4. Tive de vir comentar só mesmo por causa da Effy hehehe <3

    xoxo ❤
    Watermelon Clouds

  5. Concordo, quer queiramos ou não, Amor causa dor mas como disse, é uma dor boa porque provém de algo BOM.
    VEry lovely post <3

    ~ Carla'C

    Coisinhas da Carla'C
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  6. effy & cook forever :P


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