Cool Kid

Clothes Sweater: SheIn | Sunglasses: Locas Biju | Sneakers: Newchic
English NEW clothes! IEY!
Today I want to show you 3 things! My awesome sweater from SheIn, my new sunglasses from Locas Biju and my new sneakers from New Chic.
This sweater is the warmest thing ever! It has an unique design that made me feel in love with it when I first saw it online, and it is even cuter in real life! I love how I don't need to wear any coats with it and how it fits me. You can find it on SheIn.
The second thing I want to show you is my new black sneakers. I wanted one of this for so, so, long! I only managed to find blue ones, but I finally have them in black thanks to NewChic. They are on sale right now and they only cost 8,72€ and they are also available in red, dark blue and white. You can find them *here*
I showed you my new black sunglasses from Locas Biju in another post, but now you can see them in action! They are amazing, don't you think?
Did you liked my outfit? 


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