Up your instagram game

If you know me, at least a little bit, you know how much I love Photography, and how much I love to try new light and color effects. I think that passion of mine can be spotted on my Instagram.

Some weeks ago I barely reached 100 likes a photo and now over 200 likes with cute little comments along with it. 
Instagram is by far my favorite social media app, and I finally (!) created the perfect theme for my account. 
I've been sharing my tips with you on youtube (In Portuguese, sorry) but I decided to share some extra tips here on the blog. 
Almost 90% of my instagram photos are taking by me, only. (My friends don't like to experiment with photography as much as I do... *sad*) But that only means that:
"If I can do it, you can do it!", right?
Do you want to up your instagram game?
The first tip I have for you is to post, a lot. I post an average of 3 photos a day, when I'm sad or busy I only post 1 (or none) and when I simply can't wait to post I publish 4 or 5.
But not every photo will do, if you are a photographer continue to share with your followers your work, if you are a fashion blogger you should be sharing a bit of your lifestyle and if you have a fitness blog share your workouts and meals. Find whatever it is that your followers want and keep delivering it.

And for my second tip for you, take your camera everywhere (your phone will do). If you are going out, take your camera with you, and take pictures of your food, of your friends, of the city, that way you have at least 3 photos to post that day. Don't neglect your friends because of it but have fun documenting your day, that way you can look back to that photos and remember the fun you had that day.

And my third tip is, take only one photo of each scene/object/person, the first one is always the best (unless you know for sure it came out blurry!) and that way you enjoy the rest of the time *living the moment*.

My fourth tip: If you are not going out and if you are planning to stay home *eating & watching tv shows*, why not take the day to make a bunch of photo shoots? In 3 hours you can have some different photographs you can use in different days of the week, you just have to change your clothes, (and makeup, if you want to) and take photos in different spots of your house.
If you want more tips tell me so in the comments bellow. Kisses, M Tumblr Girl


  1. Great tips, this will definitely help to get new followers!

    The Flower Duet

  2. These are really good tips, I'll have to try them out :)

  3. sou seguidora do teu instagram, e juro que a tua é uma das primeiras contas que visito mal abro a aplicação! :)

    xoxo, Soraia

  4. Sigo-te e adoro as tuas fotos! Dá mais dicas :D

  5. Olá! Não conhecia o teu blog, passei agora por aqui e adorei. Boas dicas :) o teu Instagram está espectacular, gostei muito. Vou tentar seguir as tuas sugestões :P



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