Brick Wall

I've been told I dress a bit like a "tomboy" and only in black, white and grey. And if I think about it, it is basically the truth. Having that said, you can only imagine why I order this shirt from Dresslink.

Shirts, specially large ones, are a piece of clothing that I have loads in my wardrobe, I love them and I couldn't resist to have another one.

This black and white plaid shirt is so comfortable to wear ( it looks like it, doesn't it? ) and I think it matched perfectly with my outfit. ( Bad ass boots, right? )

I have a few more things from Dresslink to show you, so you can expect a few more fun outfits.
Ow, I almost forgot to tell you, this shirt costs 4.82$, I know... crazy!
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8 comentários:

  1. Adoooro! Essa camisa é mesmo cool - e tu criaste um outfit cheio de pinta!


  2. Adoro a camisa, fica-te mesmo bem ♥

  3. Que gira, a camisa ifca-te muito bem ;)

  4. Sempre tão bonita!

  5. adoro a tua camisa! e escolheste o cantinho perfeito para as fotos xD