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We live in a competitive and stressful world. Till last year I was constantly worried about everything. I was always worried that the worst was going to happen and I preferred to stay at home than to confront all the things that eventually could go wrong.
I changed, a lot, and I'm so much happier. Here are the things I did to stop worrying about everything.
Get shit together
I was the worst when it came to get things done. I always postponed everything, the usual excuses were "I was sick" or "I had too much work at school", which was always true, but that lead to the usual phrase: "I'll do it tomorrow".
Gladly I'm not like this anymore. Once I did the last thing I promised someone (or myself) I'll do everything fell into place. I felt freedom and a sense of relief I didn't felt in a long, long, time.
So, first thing you need to do is create a list of things you need to do right away and give them some deadlines, to keep you moving.
Create a game with it if you want to. If you do three things before the deadline you'll give yourself something nice as a present. Or just think that if you'll do everything you will be free and will have time to do what you really enjoy.

Surround yourself with the best
It's not always easy to surround yourself with the best people for you. People tend to reveal their worst when you are at your lowest-self, and that's exactly the time you need them the most.
Just keep near to you people that proved themselves to be great friends. And that will make you smile when all you feel is the need to cry.
Let go of people that hurt you. I know, for experience, that is hard to let go of someone that you once loved, but it's for the best.

Let it out
Don't trap your feelings inside of you, let it out! Say what you feel and don't be afraid.
Last year I've met someone that wasn't afraid to tell me I was being stupid or stubborn and never in my life I had people that talked to me like that. It was a kick in the stomach to be truthful but it was so relieving. And, because of that, I changed so much, for the better, and I wasn't afraid to confront my problems.
Do you love someone? Tell them. Do you miss someone? Call them. Did someone hurt you? Don't be afraid to talk to them about it.

Do what you love
Find something you love to do and do it. It's always nice to have an hobby but don't put pressure in it. Read a book, but don't rush to the end of it just so you can be able to say you've read it first than your friend.
In today's world everything is a competition, just forget the world for a moment. Do a thing for yourself and not for the views and likes. You will love yourself more for that.

Be healthy
Eat healthier food, exercise, sleep at least 8 hours, drink water daily, you know the drill. Find someone you could share this kind of lifestyle with, it will be a lot easier.

Just be happy! Go on.


  1. This is a great post, very useful! I do most of the things you've mentioned, or at least I try to do it whenever I can. Except getting enough sleep. :/ I really should work more on that.

  2. Adorei o post, como sempre! Adoro que abordes temas mais pessoais no teu blog, é algo 'acolhedor' :)
    xoxo, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  3. Óptimo post mesmo, eu ando numa fase de ansiedade e stress e é super difícil contrariar isso :( mas vou-me esforçar para não ir abaixo!

  4. São óptimos conselhos a seguir, se bem que nem sempre é fácil :)

  5. Gostei muito de ler este post, mas há coisas que concordo e não concordo, pois nem todas as pessoas são iguais. :) Eu tendo uma depressão ainda vou fazendo as coisas aos poucos, esforço-me para tentar fazer aquilo que gosto, o meu apoio são as pessoas de quem amo e tento descansar ao máximo, mas ainda há coisas que me deitam muito abaixo e embora digam que é fácil mudar, me digam que vai correr tudo bem e para fazer algumas coisas por mim, quando se está muito triste, muito negativa, não há forma de uma pessoa ficar optimista, por isso o melhor a fazer é tentar ser feliz hoje, aproveitar o dia de hoje ao máximo, tentar ser feliz com as pequenas coisas, acho que isso também "cria" uma dia melhor. Beijinhos**

  6. Caramba Maria, adorei este post... Enquandro-me em algumas coisas e noutras sinto que as devia de fazer... Vou guardar o link e reler várias vezes até fazer sentido e começar a seguir este teu mantra! Se funcionou contigo, pode ser que funcione comigo :)

  7. Nice tips! Thank for sharing, Maria ^^


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