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Although I like statement necklaces, I have to admit that I love the simpler ones! This three beauties have been my top 3 when it comes to necklaces.

The one with the sun pendent is a short necklace and I love this kind of necklaces that are just a little bellow the neck and this one is from Môjo.

The lilac one I received a few days ago but it is already one of my favorites, it's simply perfect! And it is from Royalty.

The two layered necklace with the elephant is awesome, right? When I saw it at Triangvlvs I knew I needed to have it, and so I did, I'm such an impulsive buyer...

If you have a store or know of someone that sells beautiful necklaces like this ones don't forget to send me an email to tell me all about it.

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  1. eu tambem tenho adorado este tipo de colares, ja encomendei 2, um chegou ontem :)
    Estou a espera do segundo. Acho-os tão bonitos!!!

    *hugs of Naipes*

  2. São os dois mesmo giros !

  3. Love simple necklaces too, they're adorable. :) Especially the lilac one, it's so pretty!

  4. Já me habituaste aos colares mais giros de sempre e os estes 3 são exemplo disso mesmo, são lindos!! :)

  5. Lindos, lindos, lindos :)

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  6. Os simples também são os meus preferidos!

  7. Os colares são super giros! :)
    Beijinhos *.*

  8. adoro! em especial o lilás e o do elefante :)

  9. O liliás é lindo, tenho um parecido e uso quase a toda a hora!


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