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Birthday gift made by the wonderful designer Fábio Castro | Instagram & Facebook | THANKS!
Can you figure out how I'm feeling today?
I'm kinda happy, actually! Yesterday was my birthday!!!
I wasn't planning in making a big fuss about it, but it was a really nice day.

I spent it with a friend that I love, I drove to class on my gordo, ate a nice breakfast, worked on my latest painting project (that I'm loving, iey), ate delicious food (mom knows best), slept a bit on the sofa to regain strength, drank a nice cup of coffee with the best company and received some thoughtful gifts.

What more could I ask for, right?

Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday, made my day!


  1. Bela prenda de aniversário, realmente é lindissimo! :)
    Parabéns mais uma vez querida ♥

    xoxo, Sofia Pinto
    Morning Dreams | Facebook | Instagram

  2. Ainda bem que tiveste um bom dia querida <3
    xoxo, Ana

    The Insomniac Owl Blog

  3. Um dia de aniversário super agradável :) Tu mereces!

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  4. Que bonito! Espero que tenha sido um dia excelente :)

  5. É tão bom passar o dia com pessoas que nos são importantes :')

    Um beijinho,

  6. Parabéns! Espero que tenhas tido um óptimo dia :)

    Simply Pink

  7. Parabéns, um pouco atrasados e muitas felicidades! :) Ainda bem que correu tudo bem. Beijinhos**

  8. Parabéns, que tenha sido um ótimo dia! ❤


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