Personal April/Birthday Wishes

April is my month, the most lovely month of all time, just kidding, but it's pretty special to me because I was born in April.
I don't make a big fuss about my birthday but if you want to give me a gift here are a few things I've been craving for.
The most amazing planner of all time
I don't plan my personal life, but I was a bit of a control freak before. Last year I learned that the best things aren't planned and that took a lot of weight from my shoulders. BUT my professional life... oh that I have to plan to the last detail. Deadlines, blog posts, photo shoots, working for the university, respond to emails, schedule meetings, you get the drift ...
Creating the most amazing planner of all time is hard! It has to inspire me to do my best everyday and to have the need to go check it out every day!
And for that I need the perfect binder, post-its, colorful paper, cute pens, amazing stickers and a printer.
Jamie Cullum's piano sheets
I love Jamie's songs and covers and I would love to have the piano sheets to play them. (When I was younger I attended a music academy for 8 years)
I would be so so so happy if I received one of his books.
A whole new wardrobe
I can't stop thinking about sneakers like the ones from All Star, a faux black leather jacket, a black backpack and some super simple but stylish tops. I think Helena is contaminating me with her awesome black&white outfits!
But most of all...
I want to clear my head. I want creativity to strike me as hard as it can, I really need it. I want to see things in perspective. I want to spend more time with my monkey, that person that I hate but love at the same time, the truest friend I ever had. I want to change my life and get rid of negative things. I want to learn even more about everything and about myself. I want to travel and see new places in my gordo, yes you can (should) come. I want to keep growing, as an artist, as a blogger, as a person, I need to.


  1. I want to clear my head. haha, yes

  2. Adoro aquela mochilinha! Espero que tenhas um mês em cheio. <3

  3. amo as allstar e a mochila :)

  4. Adoro a mochila e a agenda! Bom mês sua linda :3

    Ana, xo ♥

  5. Hey I just discovered your blog and immediately followed you. It is amazing! I really like your posts.

    Greetings from Austria,

  6. Adoro o casaco e as all stars. Estão na minha wishlist também!! :)

  7. Adorei a mochila!! :)

  8. I really like the last part of the post (but most of all...) because I can totally relate- I want to get rid of the negative thoughts as well, learn and travel more. And when it comes to clothes, I love the black leather jacket. ;)

  9. Espero que recebas todas estas coisas lindas :)


  10. Adoro a mochila e não me importava de a receber, já que Abril também é o meu mês :) eheh


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